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Munawar Zarif

munawar zarif

Who is Munawar Zarif?

Munawar Zarif is a Pakistani actor, comedian, and television personality. He was regarded as one of Pakistan’s most well-liked comics. More than 250 films, TV dramas, stage productions, and advertisements featured his appearance. He started working in the early 1960s and became well-known for his acting and comedic timing.


NameMunawar Zarif
Date of BirthDecember 25, 1940
Born PlaceGujranwala
FatherChaudhary Abdul Haq
MotherBarkat Bibi
DeathApril 29, 1976
Famous asActor, Comedian

Date of Birth

On December 25, 1940, Munawar Zarif was born in Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan.


He attended a Muslim league high school in Lahore for his early education.


Munawar Zarif came from a Punjabi family from birth. His mother is Barkat Bibi, and his father is Chaudhary Abdul Haq. His elder brother is the well-known comedian Zarif. Faisal Munawar Zarif, his son, has also appeared in a few films.

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Munawar Zarif career

With the Punjabi film Indian, he launched his film career (1961). Hath Jori, released in 1964, was his breakout film? He began as a comic before being elevated to second roles, beginning with the movie Payday Mein Rehnay Do (1973). He was then chosen to play the lead role in movies like Banarsi Thug (1973) and Jeera Blade (1973). His most notable performance was in the hugely successful 1974 film Naukar Wohti Da.

For his work in Ishaq Deewana, he won his first Nigar Award in the “Special Award” category (1971). He received the Nigar Award for “Best Comedian” for Zeenat (1972) and Baharo Phool Barsao (1975). In just 15 years, from 1961 to 1976, he made more than 300 film appearances. [6] He was renowned for his delivery of Ad-Lib dialogue.

Death of Munawar Zarif

On April 29, 1976, Zarif’s family reported his passing in Pakistan. Cirrhosis of the liver caused his death in Lahore. He was buried in Lahore’s Bibi Pak Daman Cemetery.

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