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Komal Meer, also known as Komal Sajid, is a young actor with no experience in acting or formal training to improve her skills. It was her fate that made her the hottest famous star. Komal is undoubtedly one of the most attractive faces in the industry and is also growing with age. Komal has played a handful of characters up until now, but the change she has made is unavoidable.

She’s an emerging star that could be a major name shortly, thanks to her dedication and commitment. The Miss Veet experience was impressive too. However, she didn’t make it to the finals. But the incident made her a hit, and she’s well-known compared to other contestants.



Komal Meer



Date of Birth

3rd May 1998


24 Years

Famous for

Actress, model








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AGE/ Date of Birth

She was on the 3rd May 1998, in Islamabad. Her Age is 24 Years. Komal is still living there, along with her mother and father. She is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. Her weight is 48 kilograms.


Her family is a middle-class family who resides in Islamabad. Komal’s father is a strict man. And he didn’t intend for his daughter to enter showbiz or the modelling industry. However, the mother of Komal is an extremely caring woman, and she has paved avenues for her to work in the showbiz field. She even had an audition for the very first time with her mother. In addition, she is the soul sister of three brothers. Her family is not connected with the world of showbiz. Presently, Komal is unmarried and has not been in contact with anyone.


Komal always dreamed of becoming an attorney, so she enrolled in LLB.

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What did she do to become an actor? It’s an interesting and inspiring story. It is where I’d like to inform you that she’s one of those who, in a flash, and by accident, was a professional actor. At the same time, she comes from the non-showbiz side of the family. Yet she is an actress of distinction and has gained the attention of millions of people with her talent.

Komal Meer was uninformed in the field of education. Her results for her exam were only a few days away, and she was afraid she’d be unable to pass. In the midst of this, she drove to Karachi and Islamabad with her group of friends, where she applied for this year’s Miss Veet Pakistan show. To learn more about what transpired the next day, look at Komal Meer’s video interview below, in which she narrated her entire story.

The first thing she was involved in included Log Kia Change, where she played the role of an innocent young girl. However, the show didn’t make her famous. However, she was not discouraged and kept going. Then, she was cast in another show Resham Gali Ki Husna. After that, she was offered an appearance on the show drama Ehd e Wafa where she was a sister to Ahad.

Her role as Hania from Wafa Be bol with Ali Abbas and Arez Ahmed made her famous and became her brand name. Komal is currently filming several upcoming projects. Every time she shoots a new show, she’s getting better at her craft, which shows when she is acting.

Net Worth

She earns money from acting or modelling. Her net worth is estimated to be USD 5 million.

Amazing facts regarding Komal Meer

  • Her Nickname is ko-ko.
  • She is a lover of playing with pets, such as cats and dogs
  • She is a fan of following diet regimens and is an excellent Dancer and is an amiable and welcoming person
  • Komal loves listening to Bollywood Hindi songs.
  • She Like Hania Amir as an Actress.
  • Her preferred food is spicy food and Indian food.
  • Her most frequent destinations are Dubai and Pakistan
  • Atif Aslam is a favourite singer of Komal.
  • She loves going to the gym and does five workouts a week.
  • Also, she loves to read books.
  • She has worked in various advertisements for Pakistan
  • Komal Meer’s zodiac sign is Leo.
  • She is a fitness enthusiast and works out regularly.
  • Komal is also a great dancer.
  • She is active on social media and posts cute gorgeous, hot, beautiful images on Instagram.
  • She is a lover of pets.

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