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Saleem Albela BIOGRAPHY

Hello Everyone, Today, we will discuss Pakistani biggest Comedian, Stage Drama Standup Comedian, and Actor Saleem Albela. Slaeem Albela has huge Followers, and Now He has his own Youtube Channel and is Making Fun. In this article, we are trying to share all information about Saleem Albela.



Saleem Albela

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Date of Birth and Family

Saleem Albela was born in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, and later his family moved to Okara. At the age of ten he completed his 5th Class studies but didn’t like his classes, so he decided to stop his studies and began to work as an artist. After becoming proficient in his craft and starting his own business, his family invited him to marry in the age group of 16. Saleem Albela’s first wife passed away during Saleem Albela’s struggle. Then Saleem Albela didn’t get married for long until he succeeded in his business. Saleem Albela is a father of nine children. He has three children with his First Wife. He has five daughters and three sons. Albela also has five brothers and one sister, from whom his sister passed away.


He was evicted from his job and went to watch stage shows, but he eventually stopped working and started working as a jeweler. A stage performer suggested why don’t you come to the stage and perform this job? It is when Saleem Albela came to this theatre and began to make his name through this work. Saleem Albela Performed his First Show in 1992. The first show performed by Saleem Albela took place in Kaifee Sahab, who was a popular film star at the moment.

 The actor introduces Saleem Albela in the Theater. Saleem Albela said in one of his interviews that while it was a time when he was going through the worst of his troubles. There came the point where he attended an event that was far from home and returned home after a few days. He discovered that his daughter had passed away and was unaware of the cause.

Presently Saleem Albela is leaving Aftab Iqbal Team and is working for the YouTube Channel. He goes Aftab Iqbal Show Due to Timing. Saleem Albela claims he is old, and that’s why the actor doesn’t have time for one Show. He says that he’ll start Stage Dramas and work on other Platforms.

Saleem Albela and Honey Albela

Many believe they are Saleem Albela, and Honey Albela is siblings, but it’s not true. Saleem Albela is a student of Albela Sahab. It is the reason Saleem Albela puts Albela with his name. However, Honey Albela is a son of Albela Sahab, but they aren’t brothers.

Interesting Facts about Saleem Albela

  • Saleem Albela Was Born in Lahore, But They Moved To Okara
  • Saleem Albela Quit School At The Age Of Ten Years And Joined the Work
  • He was first married when He was 16 Years Old. He also has three kids with his first wife.
  • Saleem Albela Working Many Industries As a Labour But He Quit His Every Work Even He Start His own Business. He Quit And Join Showbiz And Now He is a Legendary Comedian Of Pakistan
  • Saleem Albela’s age is 52. However, He appears to be 30 years old.
  • Saleem Albela Early married He joined Showbiz when he was a married man and also had children.
  • Saleem Albela Performed his First Show in 1992. Film Star Kaffee Introduce him on the Showbiz.
  • He said in one of his interviews that while it was in the middle of his struggle, there came a moment when he went to an institution far from his home. When he returned home after only a few days, he learned that his daughter was dead and had no idea what had happened to her. the name of his daughter was Farwa, who is no more

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