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It is the right place to look for an autobiography on Dr. Arooba Tariq. This is the complete biography of Dr. Arooba, one of the most well-known Pakistani anchors.  Doctor Arooba Tariq Beautiful, Co-Host of the Khabarhar Show and host for the Aftab Iqbal Web Show and Open Mic Café. She’s also an anchorperson and a doctor.

Age/Date of Birth

Her birth date is July 7, 1988, in Islamabad, Pakistan. She is 33 years old in 2022. She lives in Lahore along with her Family.

Physical Measurement

Arooba Tariq’s eyes are dark. It makes her look beautiful. People love her eyes very often. Arooba Tariq’s height stands at 5.6 feet. She weighs 54 pounds. Her hair adds a lot of vitality to her beauty. No human being can be content with their hair without praise.


Arooba Tariq was extremely fond of writing and reading from the very beginning. Her parents arranged for her admission into Girls High School, from where she gained entry at Girls College after completing enrollment at the school. She was extremely interested in reading. She had many friends at school and college.


Dr. Arooba Tariq’s father is Mr. Tariq, and he is also a physician and a doctor. Arooba Tariq’s mother is a poet. Doctor. Arooba Tariq has an older sister who is an attorney in England. Dr. Arooba Tariq also has an older brother who is studying. She’s not yet married.


Dr. Arooba Tariq has started her TV career. In the beginning, she was a bit shy. when she was approached for the leading part in a drama, she refused. After this, she was offered the lead role and began to show interest in the role. Arooba Tariq became interested in appearing on television. At that point, Dr. Arooba Tariq’s father told her that she needed to be an anchor if she wanted to join the show. Dr. Arooba Tariq said that she could not comprehend her father’s message at the time due to she was just on TV. Dr. Arooba Tariq says that when she entered this industry, she was shocked when, upon my arrival in the industry, they discovered that Dr. Arooba Tariq does anchoring and hosting as a part-time interest.

Dr. Arooba Tariq is a doctor at the National Hospital Lahore. The doctor. Arooba Tariq worked in numerous shows before joining Khabarnaak show. According to PSL, may has also been working. Dr. Arooba Tariq is still not married, and, at present, she works alongside Aftab Iqbal’s crew. Khabarnaak hosts the show, along with Aftab Iqbal’s show, Open Mic Cafe hosts. Doctor. Arooba Tariq spends all her time shooting and at the hospital in the present.

She also has YouTube channels, on which she is working part-time. In addition, it’s honest and sincere. On the program shown, Dr. Arooba Tariq spoke to Aftab Iqbal. The doctor also left an announcement in which she said that many fake IDs are being made using my persona via Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. So do not trust these IDs.

Net Worth

Arooba Tariq is a Pakistani news channel host and model. It has gained lots of attention in the world of news channels. Because of this, she began to be a fan of other businesses. She also received numerous offers to be a model for his business. Arooba Tariq’s net worth as of 2022 will be 1.2 million. She also is very fond of new designs of contemporary automobiles. Arooba Tariq also makes an impressive amount of money from modeling.

Interesting Facts About Dr. Arooba Tariq

  • She was born in Lahore and completed her education in Lahore. She is finishing her MBBS at the Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore. She works in the Nation Hospital, Lahore.
  • She has a younger brother and an older sister. Dr. Arooba Tariq’s Elder Sister Is A Lawyer In England, and Her Younger Brother Is A Student.
  • Arooba Tariq’s parents work in different departments. Dr. Arooba Tariq’s Father Is a Doctor and Has a Clinic. Dr. Arooba Tariq’s Mother Is a Poet, And She Is Working In Her Field.
  • Arooba Tariq is working with Aftab Iqbal group. She is a doctor. Arooba Tariq is a co-host on The Khabarhaar Show and hosts Open Mic Cafe.
  • She’s Working On Television and Has Not Learnt How to Cook. Dr. Arooba Tariq is Working Continuously. She’s Hosting A Show And Spending Her Time On Shoots And In Hospital Jobs. But She Says She Has a Hobby. That’s Why She’s Working On Television.
  • Dr. Arooba Tariq’s interests include photography and working on television, and acquiring new knowledge.
  • Is Dr. Arooba Tariq one of the regulars’ visitors to the gym? Yes.
  • She follows four people on Instagram.
  • Arooba Tariq is extremely present on Instagram and is constantly posting chic photos.
  • Arooba Tariq happens to be a dog lover.

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