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Alla Wasai, who first opened her eyes to her in Kasur, the city of Bulleh Shah, grew up and was dubbed Noor Jehan. In acting or singing her style, Noor’s was distinctive and part of every viewer’s choice. With an evergreen voice, Noor stepped into the world of acting and singing when she was a kid and, throughout her career of 74 years, she has recorded over 10,000 tracks across a variety of languages. The Melody Queen performed songs in Pashto, Urdu, Persian, Bengali, Hindi, and Sindhi was a hit everywhere. She is also popularly known as the Seven Language Singer. This article contains all the details about Noor and her music, including Noor Jehan Biography and Noor Jehan songs.


It is not a stretch to claim that a vocalist like her was never born in the time of the Indian subcontinent. Even after her death, there is no way to be free of a stunning voice and Madam Noor Jahan’s enchanting personality. She has held the entire world in her sway until today. In the war between India and Pakistan, she soothed the blood of soldiers through her songs.

The famous performer demonstrated the power of acting in various films and also won numerous international and national awards. Every one of her Punjabi films was made were shot in Calcutta was filmed in Calcutta, but she made a move from Calcutta to Lahore after 1938. In the war of September, poetry would be performed by poets who would read out words in the same moment, then the lyrics were then set up, and Noor was able to bring a new style and a new spirit to the music by her captivating voice.

Noor was an actress with a variety of talents and singers who captured the hearts of the masses through her style and emotions and the passion with which she sang. She won the Pride of Performance award in 1965. She also won numerous other awards.


Noor Jahan was born on the 21st of September 1928 at Kasur (present-day Pakistan) to music lovers parents Madad Ali and Fateh Bibi, in British India. Allah Wasai was her family name.


Noor Jahan was born on the 21st of September 1928 at Kasur (present-day Pakistan) to music lovers parents Madad Ali and Fateh Bibi, in British India. Allah Wasai was her family name.


Noor Jahan gained recognition and acceptance throughout the world but did not enjoy the pleasure of marriage. Her first marriage took place in 1942 to the filmmaker Shaukat Hussain Rizvi, with three children she had, and the union ended with divorce in 1953. In the same way, she got married again to Ijaz Durrani in the year 1959, with who she had three children; however, the marriage ended with divorce.

One of her daughters, Zill-e-Huma, was also a notable Pakistani Singer diet at 70. Her (Zille) son Ahmad Ali Butt is a well-known figure in The Showbiz Industry. The other Granddaughter of Noor Natasha Khalid Lakhani is a famous makeup artist.


  • The name of her birthplace is Allah Rakhi Vasai, and she was the center of attention when she was just five when she sang on the stage. She got her first musical training from Kajan Begum, a renowned performer of the time. At the time, she would practice Riyadh for approximately 12 hours. She also began to sing regularly with her instructor Ghulam Ali Khan in the following years. She was a Melody Queen Noor Jahan, who started her career as Baby Noor Jahan, recorded more than 10,000 songs during her films, including music written in Punjabi, Pashto Urdu-Hindi and Sindhi.


  • Surprisingly enough, around 3000 from these tunes were composed by the famous music composer Wajahat Attar. The girl from Madad Ali’s family and Fateh Bibi stepped into the world of music from an early age. Noor Jahan’s parents also played the guitar. However, Noor is the one who was most distinct of their children. She was especially fascinated by Indian music. In just a short time she had mastered music genres like Thumri, Dadra, and Khayal.


  • At the beginning of her career, Noor was amazed at Agha Hashar Kashmiri’s Begum singer Mukhtar Begum. After observing her talent, Mukhtar Begum also got her and her sisters to perform at the theatre, the home of her playwright husband, Agha hashar Kashmiri. This relationship was also instrumental in nurturing Noor Jahan’s talent and personality. In the beginning, she began to wear Saree; however, later on, she embraced an edgy style which Pakistan began to follow her style throughout the world, sometimes even in the form of a parody.


  • Rizvi And Noor Jahan’s union paved the way to their success. Noor was the main character in the film 1945 ‘Badi maa and Lata Mangeshkar, and Asha Bhosle played children’s roles in the movie. The first time that was seen in South Asia, women sang Qawwali. Noor performed 127 numbers between 1932 to 1947 and appeared in 69 movies. Also, she acted in silent films in twelve. In the movie she played, 55 were produced in Bombay, eight in Calcutta, five in Lahore and one for Rangoon (Yangon) Burma.


  • A couple of her most memorable songs include “Sanu Nehar Walay Pull Tay Bula Kay,’ Awaaz Day Kahan Hai,”Chandani Raatain, “Aye Watan Kay Sajeelay Jawano” and numerous others. Even after all these years of singing, if you listen to it this song, it sounds like it’s as current and as in tune with the recent times, just as Noor Jahan had in her time. The films where Madam played the role of a young star include “Heer Sial, and ‘Gul Bakaoli and “Sasi Pinnu and as an actress, she was a star in numerous films like Nadan, ‘Naukar’, Dost, and “Lal Haveli and numerous others.


Melody Queen, possessing a humorous voice and God-given talents, died on the 23rd of December 2000. She was suffering from a heart attack. The funeral services were conducted in Karachi following Isha, and her burial was held in the graveyard in the Defense Housing Authority, Karachi. More than 400 individuals attended the funeral. Although several more years passed after she passed, the voice that echoes across the screens of our minds is “Gaye Geet Meray“, “Niralaay Rang Meray’.

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