Don’t Miss Out on the 10 Most Popular Canadian Singers of 2023

It’s that time of year again when we take a look at who dominated the music charts in Canada over the past 12 months. This time, we’ve narrowed it down to the 10 most popular Canadian singers of 2023.

Some of these names you’ll likely be familiar with, while others may be new to you. But one thing is for sure: they all dominated the airwaves (and streaming services) in Canada this year. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the 10 most popular Canadian singers of 2023.

Shawn Mendes: A Canadian Pop Sensation

Shawn Mendes is a Canadian pop sensation who first came to prominence in 2013 when he started posting covers of songs by artists like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift on the social media platform Vine. Since then, he’s released three studio albums—including the 2017 release Illuminate, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart—and won numerous awards, including two Teen Choice Awards and four Juno Awards. In 2023, Shawn Mendes will be 22 years old and embarking on his fourth world tour. He’s expected to have another huge year, with sales of his latest album estimated to reach over one million copies.

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Alessia Cara: Singer, Songwriter and Artist

You might not know who Alessia Cara is yet, but in 10 years, she’ll be one of the most popular singers in Canada. Alessia is a singer, songwriter and artist from Toronto who first rose to fame in 2015 with her debut single “Here.” She followed that up with her debut album “Know-It-All” later that year, which featured the hit singles “Scars to Your Beautiful” and “Wild Things.”

Alessia is a powerhouse artist with a unique voice and style that sets her apart from other singers. She’s already won several awards, including two Grammy Awards, and it’s clear that she’s only just getting started. Alessia is destined for great things, so make sure you keep an eye on her in the years to come.

Daniel Caesar: A Talented Singer-Songwriter From Toronto

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been six years since Daniel Caesar released his first mixtape, Pilgrim’s Paradise. The Toronto-born singer-songwriter has come a long way since then, and his star is only continuing to rise. Caesar’s soulful R&B songs have won him critical acclaim and a large following. His debut album, Freudian, was nominated for a Grammy Award and spawned the massive hit “Get You”. Caesar is more than just a singer, though. He also writes and produces his own music, and is known for his strong lyrical content. He’s a unique artist with a sound that is all his own. If you’re not already a fan, you should definitely check him out.

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Drake: From Toronto to World-Wide Fame

Drake is Number 4 on our list, and it’s no surprise. He’s a Canadian rap superstar who has been entertaining us with chart-topping hits since 2006. His music speaks to both young and old alike, combining classic rap beats with refreshingly honest lyrics that can truly make you feel something. The Toronto-born singer dropped out of school in his teens to pursue music full time, and he hasn’t looked back since. In addition to having five Billboard number one albums to his name, he has won over 200 awards from various outlets throughout his career, including five Grammy Awards, six American Music Awards, three Billboard Music Awards and more.

Drake is also something of an international ambassador for Canadian hip hop music—he often collaborates with other talented Canadian musicians like Justin Bieber and The Weeknd, promoting Canada’s music scene all over the world. Clearly, rolling deep with hometown talent will always be at the heart of Drake’s success!

Michael Bublé: Popular Jazz Vocalist From Burnaby, BC

Number 5 on your list of top Canadian singers for 2023 is Michael Bublé, the world-renowned jazz vocalist hailing from Burnaby, BC. His classic sound and timeless style has transcended generations and continues to draw in many a listener. Hearken back to his 2003 album, “It’s Time,” a Grammy-nominated bestseller that featured original renditions of some of his favorite classics like “Come Fly with Me” and “Feeling Good.” Or, fast forward to 2020’s “Love,” an album that kept true to its predecessor but also showcased more modern jazz sounds like the chart-topping single, “Haven’t Met You Yet.” Michael Bublé has firmly established himself as one of Canada’s premier vocalists and is taking the world by storm. Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of it!

Pierre Lapointe: Music Artist, Writer and Performer

If you’re looking to check out some Montreal-based talent, look no further than Pierre Lapointe. He’s an artist, writer, and performer who is one of the most beloved Canadian singers. His music is powerful and his lyrics are thought-provoking, blending a mix of alternative pop, French chanson and cabaret music. Lapointe has been nominated for multiple awards and has had several hit singles in both Canada and France. His latest album was released in 2023 and was hailed by critics as one of the best albums of the year. He’s a true star with a captivating live performance that you won’t soon forget so be sure to add him to your list of must-see performers!

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Justin Bieber: The Prince of Pop From Stratford, Ontario

It’s no surprise to see Justin Bieber on this list. Born and raised in Stratford, Ontario, this pop star has been making waves since he was just thirteen years old. Popular for hits such as “Love Yourself” and “Baby”, Bieber is beloved by fans around the globe and has become an international sensation. After several years of tumultuous fame, Justin has now found success in his toned-down fifth studio album “Changes”. His blend of R&B; soul, rap and pop have established him as one of the greatest Canadian singers of all time. Whether it’s sold out stadiums or chart-topping singles, Bieber knows how to keep his fan base happy – even after all these years! His latest album is just another example of why Justin isn’t going away any time soon.

The Weeknd: Experimental R&B Artist From Scarborough

You won’t want to miss out on The Weeknd, a Canadian R&B artist from Scarborough. He began working with producer Jeremy Rose, who helped him hone his craft and develop a distinct style; blending elements of hippie-rock, soul and ethereal electronics. His music is marked by trippy production style and heavily-processed falsetto vocals. The Weeknd’s sound is often experimental, but the main draw for fans is his autobiographical storytelling. He’s well-known for singing about issues like substance abuse, difficult relationships and mental health. The Weeknd has achieved international fame thanks to his unique blend of R&B and experimental sounds, making him a household name in Canada—and beyond. So be sure to add him to your list of must-listen Canadian singers!

Deadmau5: Electronic Music Producer From Niagara Falls

Next up on the list of most popular Canadian singers in 2023 is Deadmau5. Deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman, is an electronic music producer and DJ from Niagara Falls. His music blends elements of electro, progressive and glitch hop styles. He has also collaborated with artists such as Skrillex, Kaskade and Rob Swire. As one of the early pioneers of EDM in Canada, Deadmau5 has earned his place as one of the top 10 popular singers in Canada this year. With multiple albums to his name, he has created some true masterpieces—from dancefloor anthems to slower electro-ballads—and shows no signs of slowing down in the near future.

Bryan Adams: Pop Singer From Kingston, Ontario

Last but far from least is Bryan Adams: the pop singer from Kingston, Ontario. He’s been around since the early 80s and his career is still going strong. He’s had some big hits, such as “Summer of ’69”, “Everything I Do (I Do It for You)” and “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You”. Bryan Adams has also been heavily involved in various human rights causes and global health initiatives throughout his career. He was even awarded the Order of Canada in 1982 and a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame in 1998. What a guy! If you’re looking to be inspired by some Canadian music, you can’t go wrong by checking out Bryan Adams. His songs will have you up and dancing in no time!

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