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8 Garlic Benefits for Skin — How to Use it properly?

You might have heard some people saying that garlic is super beneficial for our skin. But is it really true?

If so, what are the benefits of garlic regarding skin?

Well, we’ll take about that, but first, you should know why it is beneficial for the skin. Right?

So, garlic has a really important substance, ‘Sulphur,’ and more specifically, Sulphur is present in garlic as Allicin, that’s famous for its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Black garlic is a type of garlic that has been fermented for several weeks. This process increases the levels of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds in the garlic. As a result, black garlic is thought to have even more health benefits than regular garlic, including for skin health.

Now that you know about the root of the topic, let’s move forward:

Garlic Benefits for Skin You might not know 

1. Removes Blackheads

Studies have shown that garlic is super helpful for starting the exfoliation process on your skin. This process removes dead cells from your skin, resulting removal of blackheads.

For the best results, you should regularly use garlic (chopped or juice) with coconut oil on your skin (face). Create a paste of both and apply it on the face, then wash it with lukewarm water after waiting for 15 minutes. 

2. Leads to better Nails

Not directly, but garlic helps you have stronger nails. If your nails are brittle and weak, you need a manicure but with a twist of garlic.

Massage your nails with a piece of garlic, and anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties will take care of your nails.

3. Works as Skin Moisturizer

Why use artificial skin moisturizers and lotions when you have an amazing thing in your kitchen?

Create a paste of garlic and coconut milk, and then apply it on your skin instead of lotion. The only drawback of it is that you can do it outside due to the bad smell of garlic.

4. Good against Psoriasis

Psoriasis is the quite a weird and annoying illness. In this, your body will feel itchy all the time. Even it leads to scaly and shedding skin.

Many people think that it’s because of some sort of allergy and go for anti-allergic pills, but it can worsen the situation. You just need to apply either garlic juice, oil, or raw clove on the part of the skin that feels itchy. After some time, you’ll feel relief because garlic is an anti-inflammatory agent.

5. Fights against Acne

No one wants acne, but only a few people know the right solution for it. The real problem with acne is that everyone’s body has a different kind of acne and needs to be treated differently.

But the good news is that garlic has the potential to cure almost every type of acne, and the best part is that it has no side effects. So, just chop garlic, soak it in water overnight, and wash your face with the water in the morning.

6. Says Bye Bye to Stretch marks 

Stretch marks are annoying but there is no permanent solution for them. With garlic, you can potentially get rid of them forever but the problem is that it doesn’t work for everyone.

But there’s no harm trying it!

Mix crushed garlic with coconut oil or mustard oil and then do massage regular on the marks and see if they work for you.

7. Has Anti-aging properties

There are thousands of people who use anti-aging creams and pills even though they know that these artificial things might ruin the situation. It’s because they don’t know about this property of garlic but you know. Right? 

Stress is the biggest reason of wrinkles and aging lines on the face. And garlic helps exactly with that; you just have to use it regularly and be patient.

8. Helps with Better Skin Complexion

Have you lost your original skin complexion due to any skin disease or excessive exposure to sun and pollution? You need to try garlic!

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How Should I Consume Garlic to make the Best Use of it?

Well, it’s a complete topic, but you must know that you should never eat raw garlic (at least alone) as it has more disadvantages than benefits. So, you should start with increasing garlic in your regular cooked meal or eating a spoon chopped garlic mixed with honey every day.

Where to Buy Garlic?

The easiest way is going to supermarket, but there are good chances that garlic sold in supermarket isn’t as beneficial so go for a trusted garlic seller like Fenduni. (read more)

Can a Pregnant Woman East Excessive Garlic for Skin Benefits?


Well, you must first ask your doctor before consuming or using anything during pregnancy, especially when we talk about “Excessive Use.” And when it comes to garlic, it might be bad for you, especially raw.

Final Words

So, these were all important benefits if garlic for the skin that you should try at least once, but only if you are not allergic to garlic. For any question, comment down below!

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