Top 8 Most Beautiful Roads in Pakistan

If you are going somewhere alone in your car and your journey is hundreds of miles long then surely you will soon get bored – but if during the whole journey you will be surrounded by high mountains, lush pastures or magnificent landscapes. Your journey will not only be very interesting but you will not even know the passage of time – In this Article we (The Info Points) will tell you about the many beautiful roads in Pakistan that travel to the destination and do not forget to read #1 road of Pakistan. Sounds more interesting than arriving.

Nathia Gali to Abbottabad

This beautiful road from Nathia Gali to Abbottabad is 54 km long and you don’t know the passage of time while traveling on this road because you are constantly surrounded by high and low roads during this entire journey. The mountains and greenery remain and these beautiful landscapes keep you captivated.

Nathia Gali to Abbottabad

Makran Coastal Highway

Traveling on the Makran Coastal Highway becomes a beautiful monument for a lifetime. It has beautiful scenery and is located along the shores of the Arabian Sea in Pakistan. This highway runs from Karachi in Sindh Province to Balochistan The city of Gwadar is spread over a vast area of 653 km.

Makran Coastal Highway

Passu Cones Highway

If you are interested in adventure then you must visit this highway located in Gilgit-Baltistan. This beautiful road is a part of Karakoram highway which passes through Passu Cones Highway. The main reason is the attractive natural landscapes that do not let you get bored.

Sugar Valley Highway

This road of Sugar valley is 170 km long and is adjacent to the school Sugar between Skardu and school. The river adds four moons to the beauty of this road. Its center is in the town of Sugar. Passengers passing through here will never forget the beauty of this place – if you are looking for beautiful routes then you must travel this road …

Sugar Valley highway

Gojal Road

Known as Gojal Road, this beautiful road passes through Gilman village. While traveling on this road, you come across many beautiful and attractive landscapes. Keep you engaged

Gojal Road

Pir Sohawa Highway

Known as Pir Sohawa, this road has its own example of beauty passing through the Margalla Hills – this road is 17 km away from Islamabad and this place is no less than a paradise for nature lovers. Can you imagine how beautiful this road would be when there is light drizzle and how much fun the passers-by would have?

Pir Sohawa HIGHWAY

Leepa Valley Road

Leepa Valley Road​ is the Most Beautiful Road and Famous road in Pakistan. This strange road that bites like a snake is located in the Leepa valley of Azad Kashmir. While travelling on this road, one can see far away only green trees and grass that soothes the eyes. The beauty of this place is impossible to describe in words, so it is important that you travel this road whenever you meet on the spot.

Leepa Valley Road

Karakoram Highway | #1 Beautiful Road of Pakistan

Now we will tell you about this road which has the honor of being the most beautiful road in Pakistan. Is also called the 8th wonder of the world – this highway connects China and Pakistan. This highway is a testament to the friendship between Pakistan and China. This highway is also called N-35. This highway stretches from Hasan Abdal in Punjab province of Pakistan to Dara Khunjerab in Gilgit-Baltistan, from where it goes to China and becomes China National Highway 314. It is one of the highest roads in the world, passing through the Karakoram Mountain range.

Karakoram Highway

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