Ashir – Pakistani Singer
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Ashir – Pakistani Singer

Ashir is a rising star in the music world, known for being one of his generation’s youngest and most talented Pakistani singers. With a passion for music that knows no bounds, Ashir has made a significant mark in the industry by lending his soulful voice to many songs. His dedication to singing and remarkable talent have earned him a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts across Pakistan and beyond. In this article, we’ll explore the journey of this exceptional young artist and delve into his impressive body of work, showcasing why Ashir is considered one of the best in the business.

Date of Birth/Age

ASHIR is a Pakistani Singer and composer Born in Faisalabad, Pakistan (19 January 1996).

Early life:

Ashir belongs to the Family who is not in music and even don’t like to do music. He is the only one from his family who is doing music. Ashir always dreamed of doing something better and different, so he decided to start music. Ashir’s Father is a banker, and he wants to let him do whatever Ashir wants. And doesn’t say anything and supports him constantly, but Ashir’s Father always pushes him to complete his studies. Ashir did Marketing at the University of Galway, Ireland.


Ashir has a terrific hobby of music listening from the very outset of his age. As soon as he grew younger, he started to learn music. He started to take classes from Different Music Composers. Ashir also did many music courses, such as a piano course from the Lahore Arts Council. Music theory courses from Alison and Courser. Ashir learned program recording and editing from Radio Pakistan. Ashir recorded his first song as an artist in 2014 to check his vocals, only to see whether people liked it.

Happily, he got a good response from the people about his vocals. Then, his interest became in making compositions of songs. After a few months, he composed his breathtaking song. Then, he came to meet different directors and producers. After, he met Lyricist and Composer Saleem Shahid and worked with him. Ashir also sung “Zindagi Dikha Raasta” for him. Then Ashir’s melodious work crossed the border. Ashir Composed and sang the Hindi songs “Bechain Hu” and “Kaise bhula dun. He also collaborated with international musicians and music programmers and did work and experiments on his new and old songs. Ashir remade Bechain hu in an acoustic version with Romanian music artist Amir Abu Zayed and a guitarist from Argentina. So, in this way, his Journey Became Started.


Radio Pakistan gave six years of appreciation to Ashir as a music artist. Ashir has many releasing distribution contracts by different countries’ labels.

Marital status:

He Is Single.

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