What should you do if you feel sleepy after lunch?
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What should you do if you feel sleepy after lunch?

Do you often feel lethargic and sleepy after lunch? If yes then this is not only happening to you but millions of people around the world experience it. Interestingly, food is a source of energy, but after eating, instead of being alert, sleep begins. There can be many reasons for this, but the good thing is that it is not too difficult to avoid and it is possible to overcome this lethargy or drowsiness with a few simple methods.

1: Walk

You may not know but our body is not made to be active and working for 8 hours continuously. The level of a hormone called cortisol fluctuates throughout the day, which makes people feel sleepy in the afternoon or afternoon. Walking increases blood flow a few minutes of stepping inside a building gives a new wave of energy to the body.

2: Avoid sweets

Consuming sugar gives an immediate boost of physical energy, but very soon the blood sugar level drops significantly, leading to a feeling of fatigue.

3: Good breakfast

Do you eat less or none at all in the morning? Doing so deprives the body of essential nutrients. As a result, abilities such as concentration, problem-solving and functioning are affected. Plus, doing so makes you eat more at lunch, which spikes blood sugar levels, leading to fatigue and hunger a few hours later.

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4: Don’t forget to drink water

Water is our body’s fuel and when we drink insufficient water, all functions slow down. Drinking a glass of water not only reduces the feeling of tiredness but also helps to keep the blood pressure and pulse rate regular.

5: Remove window blinds

Do not underestimate the power of light, if you are feeling tired or drowsy during office work, bright sunlight or unique lamps can drive away this feeling.

6: Green tea

A cup of green tea contains slightly more caffeine than soft drinks and it is in its natural form. Green tea also contains botanical compounds that boost antioxidant activity in the body.

7: Yoga also helps

Practising yoga improves blood circulation while reducing physical stress. You don’t even need to sit on the floor for this, many yoga asanas can be practised standing up easily, you just have to learn them.

8: A break from work

Fatigue is the body’s way of telling you that you need some rest, and it can be a few minutes of rest from work. When you take your body and mind away from work, it improves your ability to focus.

9: Increase energy

If you feel lethargic or sleepy a few hours after eating, it is better to eat curd or some fruit.

10: Some time lag

Well, this is not possible in the office, but if possible, before 3 pm, a 15-minute nap helps to ward off sleepiness and lethargy while night sleep is also not affected.

11: Music

Have you ever considered how a song wakes up the body as well as uplifts the mood? Music tells the brain to make more dopamine, which helps us feel stressed. Along with this, the flow of blood in the body also increases.

12: Chewing gum

Chewing gum involves moving the jaws, which also increases heart rate and blood flow to the brain. As a result, the body comes out of drowsiness and you feel more alert.

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