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Aina Asif Biography

Aina is an aspiring young Pakistani child actor who has proven her versatility at a young age through portraying negative-positive, comical, and humorous roles. In 2021 she began her acting career and was a household name for her performance in the role of Milli in the well-known Ramzan show Hum Tum. In the television production Hum Tum, she played Ahad Raza Mir’s sister. She was encouraged by her older brother to start her acting career.

She started her showbiz career with modeling and commercials. As a child, Aina has already made her name, and people are beginning to recognize her for her comical acting. She’s a huge bookworm and continues to read books. Aina Asif will also be featured in Pinjra, a brand-new drama.



Aina Asif

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Date of Birth/AGE

Her birth was in Karachi. In 2022, she will be age 14. She is currently living in Karachi with her Family.


However, despite her success in acting, she’s still pursuing her studies and is in the 7th grade of Karachi school.


His father works as a businessman who is the owner of the showroom of his car. She has one older sister and an older brother who is an active participant in the industry. His brother was an actor in the show Pehli Si Mohabbat. Her family members were her primary family member throughout her journey. She’s very close with her older sister.

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She is an incredible child model who began her modeling career and advertising. From the beginning, she was offered the chance to model with the Alkaram Brand, which was a massive opportunity for her. Her work in ads made her look more polished. Aina did not want to start her career in show business, but her family’s encouragement helped her make a decision.

She began her acting career in the drama series Pehli Si Mohabbat in which she played the role of the young Maya Ali. The role was brief, but she was rewarded with praise for her outstanding acting. After her first show, she began to appreciate the career path and decided to go with the profession. In the following years, she was offered the part in a second drama, Bazaar. She was also a character in the drama Pinjra with Hadiqa Kaani and Omair Rafa. But the character that made her famous is Milli from the unique Ramzan showHum Tum,” which starred Ahad Raza Mir, Sarah Khan, Ramsha Khan, and Junaid Khan.

Aina Asif Social Media Presence

Aina Asif earns a large fan following on nearly all social networks in her professional profession. And her following is growing continuously. On Instagram, Aina Asif had more than 140K followers in 2022. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, Aina is a huge follower.

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Aina Asif Net Worth

She is at the beginning of her career and has to work to make it work. Even though she earned an impressive amount of money through her career. She lives in luxury and with her loved ones. In addition, she owns a beautiful luxurious home and likes decorating her home with pictures of herself.

As of now, she’s making a significant amount of income from commercials, modeling, and acting. At the time of writing, Aina Asif’s net worth is around 1 million PKR. As you can see from her dedication and determination, she will make significant cash.

Dramas List

  • Pehli Si Mohabbat
  • Badzaat
  • Pinjra
  • Hum Tum

Exciting Facts About Aina Asif

  • Since she has shared many images on her social media accounts, Aina prefers wearing an oversized dress.
  • Aina is also a fan of wearing rings and chains
  • Pakistani model collaborated with many brands such as PTCL, Cup Cake, Ochre, Scene On Karo, and many more.
  • Pakistani actress Aina enjoys spending her spare time with co-stars.
  • Aina loves to celebrate holidays in her home with her loved ones.
  • At the time of 2022, Aina has more than 140k followers on
  • The brother of Aina is also an actor.
  • Her mother is a Housewife, and she works along with her daughter.
  • The father of Aina is a businessman with a car showroom.

FAQs About Aina Asif

Q.1 Who is Aina Asif?

Ans: Aina is a famous Pakistani actress, model, and television personality.

Q.2 How old is Aina Asif?

Ans: As of 2022, Aina Asif is 14 years old.

Q.3 Who is Aina Asif’s boyfriend?

Ans: As of now there is no information in regards to Aina’s relationship status.

Q.4 Why Aina Asif is famous?

Ans: Aina Asif is famous for her versatile acting skill and her modeling career.

Q.5 What is the Aina Asif Net Worth?

Ans: As of 2022, Aina Asif net worth is approximately around 1 crore PKR.

Q.6 How Many Siblings Does Aina Asif have?

Ans: Aina have 1 brother and 1 Sister.

Q.7 Where was Aina Asif Born?

She was born in Karachi, Sindh, PAKISTAN.

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