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Mehwish Hayat

mehwish hayat

Mehwish Hayat Bio/Wiki

Mehwish Hayat is a Pakistani actress, singer and model. Mehwish Hayat was born on January 6, 1983, in Karachi, Pakistan. Mehwish Hayat started his career in 2010 with the TV show Man Jalli. In addition, Mehwish Hayat has acted in many television series. In Pakistan, Mehwish Hayat is considered to be the guarantee of success of any drama.

Mehwish Hayat also participated in the Pakistani Entertainment industry and acted in many Pakistani Urdu films. As a model, Mehwish Hayat has worked in various aids of well-known brands.

Interesting Facts About Mehwish Hayat

  • Mehwish Hayat looks like a young woman but did you know that Mehwish Hayat is close to 40 years old. And even more surprising is that they are not married yet and are not in a relationship with anyone.


  • Mehwish Hayat is the brand ambassador of WWF. Mehwish Hayat was the subject of the international anti-terrorism campaign “This is not us”.


  • Mehwish Hayat was cast in 2009 by a popular British magazine as the eighth most attractive Asian in the world. Which is a great honor for a Pakistani.


  • Mehwish Hayat belongs to the family of artists. Mehwish Hayat’s mother Rukhsar Hayat was a famous television actress of the 80’s. Mehwish’s eldest brother Zeeshan is a singer. His younger sister Afshin Hayat is also a singer.


  • There are many stars in the industry who have taken up the profession of acting since childhood. Mehwish Hayat is one of them. But the amazing thing is that Mehwish Hayat first stepped on TV at the age of 6.


  • You may have seen Mehwish Hayat many times when he was acting but did you know that Mehwish Hayat has also hosted many shows. She is also a television presenter.


  • Everyone loves to play games and winning the game is even more fun. You may have seen Mehwish Hayat many times in game shows but did you know that Mehwish Hayat was also the winner of ARY’s reality game show “Madunchers”.


  • Mehwish Hayat has acted in many super hit films but he got one of the most popular films from “actor in Law”.


  • Every actor wants to go to Lux Style Awards show and get an award. This wish of Mehwish Hayat has been fulfilled. Mehwish Hayat has won the Lux Style Award for Best Television Actress of the Year in 2014.


  • You may have seen Mehwish Hayat acting and hosting shows, but did you know that Mehwish Hayat is as good a singer as she is a great actress? Mehwish Hayat also sang many songs for television.


  • Indian film industry is earning many times more money than Pakistani film industry. In Bollywood, actors get more money along with fame. Every Pakistani actor wants to work in India but there are some who like to work only for their country. Mehwish Hayat is one of them. Many people may not be aware of the fact that Mehwish Hayat was offered two Bollywood films. But Mehwish Hayat flatly refused.


  • Mehwish Hayat is one of the leading actresses in the showbiz industry. He is 5 feet 7 inches tall. Which is found in very few actors in the industry.


  • Many people in the industry are addicted to smoking. Videos of many celebrities smoking cigarettes are also going viral. Pictures of Mehwish Hayat with cigarettes have also been leaked from which it can be guessed that Mehwish Hayat also smokes cigarettes.


  • You will be surprised to know that the total value of Mehwish Hayat is close to 163 crores. And Mehwish Hayat gets huge amount of money for work in a project.

Dramas List

  • Man Jali (2010)
  • Meray Qatil Meray Dildar (2011)
  • Phir Chand Pe Dastak (2011)
  • Mirat-ul-Uroos (2012)
  • Bin Tere (2012)
  • Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain (2013)
  • Kitni Girhain Baaki Hain (2013)
  • Kabhi Kabhi (2013)
  • Ishq Mein Teray (2013)
  • Kami Reh Gaee (2013)
  • Ru Baru (2014)
  • Unsuni (2016)
  • Dil Lagi (2016)
  • Enaaya (2019)

Movies List

  • Insha’Allah (2009)
  • Na Maloom Afraad (2014)
  • Dho Dala: The Sin Washer (2015)
  • Jawani Phir Nahi Ani (2015)
  • Actor in Law (2016)
  • Punjab Nahi Jaungi (2017)
  • Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 (2018)
  • Load Wedding (2018)
  • Chhalawa (2019)
  • Baaji (2019)


  • Tell Me Why (2011)
  • Pani Barsa (2011)
  • Har Saans Gawahi Deta Hai ‍ (2012)
  • Mujhse Ab Meri Mohabbat Ke Fasanena Kaho” (2013)
  • Dil Saab Dil Babu (2019)
  • Chamkeeli (2019)


  • Best TV Actress
  • Best Actress (Film)

Net Worth:

  • $3 million

Social Media Accounts:


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