Nadeem Mubarak
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Nadeem Mubarak

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Nadeem Mubarak Biography

Nadeem Mubarak, a well-known Pakistani Tik Tok celebrity and internet media personality. His fan base is mainly on social media platforms like TikTok and Snake Video. He is well-known for his excellent 15-30 seconds, lip-sync and moving, and her sincere naming catches and Tik Tok account. Nadeem Mubarak is currently 26 years old. He will be turning 25 in 2022. He is currently living in London with his Family United States.

Nadeem Mubarak is one of the most prominent Tik Tok Stars in Pakistan. Nadeem is a young, engaging person who can be seen in all videos. His success has been shared with many Tik Tok stars, web wizards such as Ali Khan, and others.



Nadeem Mubarak


Nadeem Nani Wala

Famous for


Date of Birth



27 Years

Net Worth

$1.2 million


Pakistani, Unites States


5 feet 7 inches (1.7 m)


Bachelor’s Degree-Graduation


Nadeem Mubarak Date of Birth

His birth date is 14/12/95, which brought him into Hafizabad City in Punjab, Pakistan. His Family is now Shift in Lahore.

Family & Education

He doesn’t want to reveal his details and my family data to the media, such as my father, mother, and sister. His swank-style personality makes him look charming and relaxed. After tutoring, Naniwala completed a four-year certificate from an unknown school. He continued to take his passion for Tik Tok recordings. This helpful app was used by many people all over the globe. Soon, many people began to enjoy his most amusing and innovative recordings.

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Career Life

Nadeem Nani Wala began her first appearance on lip-syncing recordings through web-based media platforms like Tik Tok. He was the most prominent Pakistani celebrity from his youth. Tik Tok was the first time Nadeem Mubarak joined an online application. He continued to share excellent recordings and enjoyed it to the extreme. Despite this, Nani Wala began to gain notoriety online. Nadeem Mubarak continued to work, recording some of the most famous melodies. It is why he achieved so much distinction with his fans. The star gained a lot of love from his Tik Tok recordings. Everyone enjoyed Nani Wala’s excellent clasps.

Nadeem Mubarak is a darling who has created a lot of love with her simple showing and killer style. His first video was sent to Ali Khan Haidrabadi, a TikTok celebrity, in 2020. It added to his fan base. Nadeem Nani Wala, like every TikTok celebrity, is trying to make Showbiz Pakistan a success.

Social media popularity

Nadeem Naniwala enjoys a huge fan base on Instagram and Tik Tok, which has earned him a substantial amount of cash. His online presence is always remarkable. His Instagram account has 806K followers, and he is well-known for his Instagram photos. Nadeem is a Tik Tok sweetheart with 8 million of his closest friends. He will soon reach 10 million and be a designated muser for Tik Tok.

Nani Wala gained a lot of fame for challenging other Tik Tok stars. Nadeem Nani Wala declared the winner of the iPhone if anyone accepted the challenge and completed it. After completing their tasks, many Tiktokers won an iPhone, including Ali Khan and Phollu.

Nadeem Mubarak loves a remarkable course of action to create uncommon annals on the Tik Tok account. It is an incredible experience to see him on various Pakistani serials and hit shows. Many of his crazy fans are also online via social media such as Instagram.

Controversy By Leaked Video

Nadeem Mubarak, a Pakistani TikTok Star Nadeem Nani Wala who makes Tik Tok videos, is professionally well-known. His private video was made public and quickly became an internet sensation online. His spilled video is one of the most famous TikTok stars in Pakistan. Nadeem Mubarak was found in a poor state with his female companion. Nadeem recorded the video in the morning after going through a whole night with his female companion.

In the video, Nani Wala was then seen with a Tik Tok young woman. While she was talking on the phone, Nadeem Mubarak could also shoot him side-by-side. The young lady realizes that she is being taped and attempts to hide her face. Pakistani Star Sundal Khattak also said that he enjoyed TikTok star Mehreen Khokhar from Dubai. His private video was not released via web-based media. However, reports suggest that he sent the video to his friends, who released it via web-based media.

Many Pakistani YouTubers and bloggers expressed their shock at the purported Naniwala video. Famous YouTuber L&P responded to Nadeem Naniwala’s leaked video. He claimed that Naniwala had contacted him and informed him that his private video was accidentally leaked when testing new filters on his Instagram Story. Bhola Record, a blogger, claimed that his content was cheap.

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Net Worth

Nadeem Naniwala has made a lot of money through his egregious conspicuousness via electronic media. In a way, he has collaborated with promotions. Because of his role as a star in the videos, Nadeem is among the Top 10 Pakistani TikTokers with the highest-paid male TikTokers. The current net worth of Nadeem Mubarak is $1-2 Million.

Interesting facts about Nadeem Mubarak

  • Nadeem Mubarak Aka Nadeem Nadeem Naniwala holds two nationalities.
  • Nadeem Mubarak, Living in London. He was born in hafizabad, Pakistan, and now they have moved to Lahore.
  • Nadeem Mubarak completed his studies at the London School of Business and Finance.
  • Nadeem Mubarak has three younger sisters. They also live in London.
  • Nadeem Mubarak’s favorite TikToker? Phollu, Battery, Hoor Mahwira and Ali Haidrabadi.
  • Nadeem Mubarak’s Girlfriend’s Name is Zainab Fatima.
  • Tiktok Has 10.2 million Followers of Nadeem Mubarak

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