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Romaisa Khan Biography

Romaisa Khan, is a Pakistani TikTok actress, Youtuber and social media influencer from Karachi, Pakistan. The beauty and expressions of Romaisa Khan in Tiktok videos are what makes her famous. Her popularity has soared and she now has a large following on social media. Her comedy, romance, lip-sync, and dance videos won the hearts of millions.

After Rahat Fateh Ali Khan released a video featuring her singing Rab Jaane, she was in the spotlight. As of writing, the video had been viewed more than 3.0 million times. She is also a popular YouTube creator in Pakistan, Ducky’s Vlog Video.



Romaisa Khan



Father Name

Tanveer Akhter Khan

DATE OF birth

September 18, 2000

Famous as

TikTok, YouTube, Instagram





Net Worth

8 to 12 Lacs PKR


Date of Birth

Romaisa Khan was born on September 18, 2000. She is 21 years old celebrate and her birthday every September 18. Her birthplace was Karachi, Pakistan. She is 5′ 3″ tall.


According to Sources, she attended a local private school for her primary education. She later enrolled at the Iqra University of Karachi. Romaisa has been involved in acting, dancing and other curriculum activities since her school days.


Romaisa friends and family call her Romi, their nickname. Romaisa is from a well-respected Pakistani Muslim family. Her father’s name is Tanveer Akhter Khan. He was a comedian artist in Pakistan, but he has since passed away. The name and profession of her mother are still unknown. She was raised with three sisters and one brother, Fizah Khan. All of them follow Islam and are Pakistani citizens.

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Romaisa started her internet career making videos on Tiktok. Her videos were mostly about lip sync, comedy and dancing. She is known for her charm, innocence, and expressive facial expressions which helped her gain a large fan base of over 5.3 million. She also launched her YouTube channel on February 14, 2020. There she uploaded videos about vlogs and makeup. Q/As were also posted. She uploaded her first video to the channel, “FINALLY, I AM HERE WITH MY FIRST VOICE” on February 14, 2020. The video was viewed over 924k times. Romaisa Khan uploaded more videos.

Her popularity grew over time and she signed many projects in the areas of acting, sponsorship, collaboration, and advertising. She recently appeared in the music video Rab Jaane, which was sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Her Instagram account has almost 2 million followers. She posts photos and videos about her day on Instagram. People follow her. She started posting on Instagram on August 14, 2016. She makes good money through her internet career.

Romaisa Khan Debut

Romaisa Khan began her acting career in 2020 when she appeared in the drama serial, “Masters.” She plays the role of a sensitive, emotional, and nerdy girl in this serial. This helps her to develop her character. Her acting skills are exceptional. Romaisa Khan, a talented and beautiful actress, opens up new avenues for success in masters Drama Series.

Romaisa Khan NET Worth

Her Net Worth is between 8 and 12 Lacs PKR. Romaisa Khan earns a regular income of 2 to 3 Lac per month. She also received payments from Tiktok, Instagram, youTube, ads, and shows.

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Interesting Facts about Romaisa Khan

  • Romaisa Khan was born in Pakistan and worked as a Comedian.
  • Since childhood, she has been passionate about acting and used to perform everywhere she could.
  • She started her acting career with “Masters” in 2020. She plays the role of a girl who is sensitive, emotional, and stupid. Her personality changes over time. She was charming in her master drama serial.
  • More than 1.7 million Instagram followers and more than 5 million Tik Tok users.

Dramas List

  • Masters (2021)
  • Meri Dilli Wali Girlfriend (2021)
  • Paristan (2022)

Movies List

  • Asaib (2021)
  • JOHN (2022)


  • Most entertaining Instagram celebrity of PISA 2021.

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