5 Common wig mistakes to avoid / Beginners Edition
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5 Common wig mistakes to avoid / Beginners Edition

So you are into wigs now and want to look your best all the time with this flawless magical hair. Fear not, as WigShopStop is here for you with all the Best Name Brand Wigs. Sometimes, your wig isn’t giving the vibe it is supposed to give, and there are some mistakes that cause this problem. 

But we say don’t stress out and follow the solutions we have. To help you reach the wig beauty standards at its fullest, see these mistakes you usually make when wearing a wig. 

Mistake: 1 Chunky Braids 

Having bulky hair as the base for your wig can ruin its overall appearance. The large braids can create an uneven and unnatural look, which is not desirable. To overcome this problem, opt for some small cornrows instead. They provide a smooth and even foundation for your wig, ensuring a more natural and seamless look. 

Mistake: 2 Wring Wig Cap Size 

Wearing a wig that doesn’t fit will be a different hassle. If a wig is too big, it will create a bulky appearance at the back, giving away the fact that you are wearing a wig. On the other hand, if the wig is too small, it will constantly slide back, causing discomfort and frustration. To avoid this, measure your head’s size before bagging a wig. The three common wig cap sizes are small (21.5 inches), medium (22.5 inches), and large (23.5 inches). 

Mistake: 3 Too Much or Too Little Hair 

Having the right amount of hair in your wig is crucial to achieving a natural look. However, determining the ideal hair density can be challenging, especially when buying a wig online. If the wig has too much hair, it will appear overly thick and obvious. On the other hand, if the wig has too little hair, it won’t look natural and may not conceal your own hair properly. To tackle this dilemma, it is helpful to refer to a density chart, which displays different levels of hair volume.  

Mistake: 4 Placing Your Wig Too Forward

One common mistake that makes a wig look fake or unnatural is placing it too forward. To achieve a more natural look, it is important to use your natural hairline as a guide. Position the wig in front of your natural hairline, mimicking the way your own hair would naturally grow. 

Mistake: 5 Going Overboard on Plucking Your Hairline 

Creating natural-looking hair is vital for a realistic wig. However, going abroad with tweezing and plucking can result in a sparse and patchy hairline, which is not suitable and real looking at all. If you accidentally pluck too much hair, there are repair services available to help. These services can replace the lace on the wig, allowing you to start fresh and achieve a more balanced hairline.

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