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Imran Khan

Imran Khan Biography:

Imran Khan, also known in the media as Kaptaan, Skipper, is the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan. The man is not just an elected politician but has also been an international cricketer and the Chancellor at the University of Bradford, philanthropist and inspirational speaker, motivational, and author. Khan has been in the spotlight since his debut as a cricketer in 1971. Khan was recognized when he won the World Cup trophy in 1994. He was married three times and had two boys with his first wife. This article contains all the details about Khan, Imran Khan Biography, and the Imran Khan family.

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Imran Khan

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The PM of Pakistan & Cricketer







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5th October 1952







Imran Khan Date of Birth

Imran was born on October 5 1952. He was born in Lahore, Pakistan. Presently, Imran resides in Bani Galla, located in Islamabad.


Imran is a remarkable student with a stellar academic background. He began his education at Cathedral School Lahore and completed his intermediate at Aitcheson College Lahore. Before he went to England to play Professional Cricket, his mother permitted him only to continue his education in England. He began his studies at the Royal Grammar School Worcester. Later, he studied philosophy, politics, and economics at Keble College, Oxford, earning his Bachelor’s degree.


Khan was part of the Pushtun family, which is part of the Niazi tribe of Mianwali. Khan was the sole son of a civil engineer, Ikram Ullah Khan Niazi and Shoukat Khanum. His ancestors were believed to have been General Sher Shah Suri and the governor of Punjab during the sixteenth century. Her mother, Shoukat Khanum, belonged to the Burki tribe, poet Sufi-worrier Pir Rokhan. The poet was the very first person to create his Pushto Alphabits.

His family’s ancestral home in Waziristan. Later, they moved to India. He is also the uncle of some of the most famous cricketers, such as Majid Khan, who was also his idol and Javed Burki. Imran is the father of four siblings, Aleema Khan, also known as Aleema Khanum, an entrepreneur. She has was in the spotlight for keeping the fact that she owns Dubai properties. Uzma Khanum works as a doctor of a profession, and as is Rani Khanum is involved in charity work. Rubina Khanum completed her Economic training from The London School of Economics and is currently working in an executive position with the United States. The United States.


  1. Imran has had three weddings. He was first married to Jemima Khan in the year 1995. Jemima is the child of millionaire Sir James Goldsmith. Both were blessed with two children Sulaiman Isa Khan and Qasim Khan. The marriage, however, was only able to last for nine years before they both parted ways. After her husband’s departure, Jemima was also a resident of Pakistan and returned to Britain following divorce along with her children.
  2. His second marriage to Pakistani British journalist Reham Khan lasted only nine months. Reham has made many allegations following his divorce from Imran; however, it didn’t hurt his reputation.
  3. He lives with Bushra Bibi, his 3rd wife. In an intimate ceremony, the couple got married on February 18, 2018. Khan’s 3rd wedding caused quite a bit of controversy. Bushra Bibi was well-known for her Sufism connection to Imran Khan before her wedding. Bushra already had two sons and three daughters.

IMRAN Wife Pics

Imran Khan and Reham Khan
Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi


When Imran was just 11 years old, He watched his cousin score 100 at an international cricket match. It was the moment when Imran decided to become an international cricketer for the test in the future. Even though he was not as talented compared to his fellow cousins, he was not willing to accept any obstacle in his path to make his first appearance against England during 1974. He was kicked out following his first game, and the newspaper even called him Imran Khan instead of Imran.

He soon returned to the team. With his outstanding performance, he quickly became the main player. After becoming a highly successful quick bowler, the player became Captain of the Pakistani Cricket Team in 1982. His career did not reach a limitation and continued to grow. He began his career as a medium-sized bowler but became a fast bowler after a shift in his bowling style, which took six years. Then, he decided to become the best all-rounder and was a full-time all-rounder.


Under his direction, Pakistan won against England for the first time in the last 28 years and against India during the War in India for the first time. At the peak of his career, he decided to quit, but Zia Ul Haq influenced him to think beyond himself and keep going. He was determined to win the 1992 world cup despite the endless difficulties. He emerged as an inspiring¬†personality¬†and an exemplary leader with a worrier’s mentality.

In the world cup that year, the team began its journey in a state of failure and was leaving to return to Australia. Still, they were able to score one point because of rain, which Imran declared an opportunity to win the tournament. It appeared to be a little unrealistic since the team suffered a loss. However, he had thought of an eventual world cup. The win was also important to his fundraising campaign supporting Shoukat Khanum. He won his first World Cup against England and ended his career.

In his professional career in the game, he scored 3807 runs and 362 wickets in tests and 3709 runs and 182 wickets for ODI. Only the second captain in 148-year cricket history who declared the innings using his score in the nineties.

imran khan cricketer


Khan’s mother passed away from cancer. He saw his mother and his family members in great suffering, which caused him to be aware of the suffering of many others. He established the “Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust’ in 1991, named in honour of his mother. It was the only private cancer centre in Pakistan. He raised money from all over the globe to construct the hospital, which was deemed inaccessible by just 19 physicians. The hospital provides 75 per cent of cancer patients and provides the finest facilities, and it’s free.

It was instrumental in establishing the public’s confidence in him, and he became a national hero. He also built Namal College at Mianwali in the year 2008. It is part of The University of Bradford. The Imran Khan Foundation’s foundation is active in all of the areas affected by natural disasters such as flooding. It also works in Buksh Foundation to help Buksh Foundation light up villages in Dera Ghazi Khan, Dera Ismail Khan and Mianwali.


According to Khan, the author, he was awed by the genuineness of the people who supported his campaign. It inspired him to think of the people and those who ran the country and caused instability in Pakistan in all ways. His intimate circle not to become a politician was known for his charitable activities after he established his own party PTI and was subsequently attacked by the populace and was rebuffed during the general election of 1997.

His party failed to get a single vote. In the end, he secured his seat during the general election of 2002 at Mianwali of NA-71. He was disappointed that his party did not receive the increase he had imagined. It was mostly due to his political views that were completely unpalatable to the majority. He was awed with Allama Iqbal and Ali Shariati. He believed strongly in Islamic values and envisioned the welfare state of Medina. The voice he spoke against corruption was recognized after a decade of his life when he began to gain prominence in the ranks of a national leader.


In his first term as a legislator, Imran faced severe financial issues and could not vote for his party. Imran used his home in a party office and then worked as a columnist and commentator. In 2005 He was appointed the Chancellor at Bradford University. The University of Bradford and continued the position until 2014. He resigned due to his political commitment. He was very active and left the Parliament and the other 85 members to pressure Musharraf.

His only elected official was detained in a house, but it allowed him to escape and join an anti-student protest at Punjab University. He was treated badly by students and was later taken into custody by the police and imprisoned for a couple of days. He also boycotted the election and did not participate in the elections in the year 2008.

Progression in Political Professional

He witnessed an increase in popularity after the rally he spoke to was 100,000 individuals in Lahore. It was the moment that changed his career as a politician. He began to speak at huge events that would spread his message, which had not been widely communicated for long. He became among the well-known top leaders in the country’s past, which was probably to become the next premier. Highly Praised His stand on both international and domestic issues was.

He visited the Waziristan region despite the threat of life to protest against drone strikes in Pakistan. He also demanded dialogue with the Taliban and earned him the nickname Taliban Khan, and he was against any military operation. According to him, there is only one option to resolve the problem: peace talks. Khan began his campaign for the 2013 election under his motto New Pakistan. Khan pledged to transform the country’s morals, political and economically.


The campaign also emphasized the nation’s equality in education and a health system and criticized the previous administrations for their alleged involvement in the War on terror. Before his election day, the candidate fell off the platform and was transported to the hospital to be treated. He was lying on the bed during the election being contested.

His party won 30 of the seats available in the assembly and was the second-largest party across the country. The party was elected to government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and was successfully returned to power in 2018. It was the first occasion that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa re-elected a party repeatedly.


A year following his election in 2011, he began protests against the government, asserting that the election was fraudulent and accused the election of being fraudulent. The protesters demanded that the government resign Nawaz Sharif but could not be successful after protests lasting more than four years in Islamabad. The protest ended following it was over with following the APS attacks in Peshawar.

It was agreed that a commission would be formed to examine the elections and the results were acceptable for both parties. The protest changed the political landscape within the country. Imran Khan spoke about his opinions about Pakistan in the protests and afterwards and urged them to fight against oppression.


His rival, Nawaz Sharif, faced Panama Leaks, which disclosed his wealth outside of the country, not in his records. Khan was able to take it to the streets and demanded the locking down of Islamabad. As the lockdown date approached, authorities at the Supreme Court took notice and began the trial. It concluded with the denial of Nawaz Sharif, who had once again proved his corruption within the court. In the years since, his fate as the prime minister was never doubted. Khan was also brought to the court in the case of the Nawaz League. He presented all the evidence to the judge to prove his income and was deemed honest.


In the general election of 2018, Khan contested the election in five constituencies, including NA-131 Lahore NA-131 Lahore, NA-35 Bannu and NA-95 Mianwali. NA-53 Islamabad and NA-243 in Karachi, against the top names in political power, were successful against them all. He beat Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the winner of three constituencies in the year 1970. His party won 110 of the central and was elected to Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Punjab, and Center. On August 17, 2018, Khan was elected as the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Imran Khan The PM of Pakistan

From the beginning of his presidency, Khan was confronted with economic problems that required travelling to several nations to receive assistance. A sudden increase in costs caused a lot of disappointment for the masses, but he continued to address the nation to inform them of the exact facts. He also reviewed Pakistan’s foreign policy and called for the same relations with America. The numbers are growing slowly and predict stable prosperity and a prosperous economic future since Khan’s administration has implemented economic reforms.

He also resisted the rogue warring of India with a mature approach. Khan immediately returned the captured pilot following the Indian plane was hit by Pakistan and made an act of peace. It was revealed Khan was a world leader. At present, Khan’s Administration faces increasing Corona cases across the country. When the entire world was reliant on lockdowns, Khan preferred smart lockdown to maintain the operations and let people live through the hunger crisis that has become an emerging threat to third world nations.


  • His award-winning achievements include
  • Oxford the university Hall of Fame Keble College, Oxford Honorary fellow
  • Lifetime Achievement Award Time Achievement Award London
  • Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh Honorary Fellowship
  • Wisden Player of the Year
  • The Cricket Society Award
  • Hilal-e-Imtiaz


  • West and East
  • Imran Khan’s Autobiography
  • Imran Khan’s Cricket Skills
  • A personal perspective of Pakistan
  • Warrior Race: A Journey through The Land of the Tribal Pathans
  • Pakistan The Personal Story


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