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Get the best car rental in Casablanca now

best car rental in Casablanca

Casablanca offers a wide range of shopping opportunities, mouthwatering Moroccan food, and a lively nightlife scene that includes numerous bars, nightclubs, and live music venues. Ain Diab and Tamaris Beach, two of Casablanca’s well-known beaches, provide chances for swimming and water sports. Car rental Casablanca is the best way to enjoy it.

How does a car rental in Casablanca work?

Car rental Casablanca typically works in the method described below:

Choose a rental company:

In order to book a car in Casablanca, find yourself a reputable company like One Click Drive. You can check the online reviews, ask your friends or relatives, and compare rates to choose the best rental company for yourself.

Book your rental:

Book your rental car from your preferred rental company. The booking can take place online, on call, or in person. Submit the necessary documents needed for renting a car and decide the pick-up and drop off places.

Pick up your rental:

On your agreed rental date, go to pick up your rental car. Show them your driver’s license and sign the rental agreement. Give them your payment details and provide a security deposit.

Inspect the car:

While picking up your rental car inspect it thoroughly. If you find any pre-existing damage or harm to the car, report it to the rental company in the form of proof.

Enjoy your rental:

Once you get the car, you can enjoy riding it on the streets of Casablanca the way you want. You must follow traffic rules and regulations and drive safely.

Return your rental:

On your agreed return date of rental car, drop the car off at the agreed location. It’s better to return the car in a proper condition as you get it to avoid any fines.

Payment and final inspection:

After your return, the rental company will inspect the car carefully for any damage or loss. If the car is in a proper condition, you won’t be charged an additional fine and your security deposit will be refunded and only the charges of the rental car will be charged.

One Click Drive can also help you with car rental Marrakesh.

Attractive tourist places in Casablanca

The following are some of the beautiful tourist places in Casablanca.

Hassan II Mosque:

  • Hassan II Mosque features intricate Moroccan architecture and design with beautiful tilework, carvings, and stonework.
  • It has a 210-meter minaret, which is the tallest in the world.
  • The mosque has a retractable roof that can be opened to let in sunlight.
  • Non-Muslims are welcome to attend guided tours and are allowed to enter the mosque during certain times of the day.
  • The mosque is located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, providing a beautiful view.

Old Medina:

  • Old Medina, a historic walled city, is a maze-like network of narrow alleys, traditional markets, and historic buildings.
  • Visitors can also see several historic landmarks, including the Bab Marrakech gate and the Hassan Tower.
  • The Old Medina is a vibrant and lively area, with street performers, musicians, and local artisans adding to the atmosphere.


  • The Corniche in Casablanca is a popular seaside promenade that stretches for several kilometers along the Atlantic coast.
  • It is known for its scenic views of the ocean, as well as the impressive architecture of the nearby buildings.
  • There are several beaches along the Corniche, including Ain Diab and La Corniche Beach
  • At night, the Corniche comes alive with a vibrant nightlife scene, featuring bars, nightclubs, and live music venues.

Rick’s Cafe:

  • A famous restaurant and bar named after the cafe in the classic movie Casablanca.
  • The restaurant has elegant decor and a romantic atmosphere.
  • The menu features a mix of Moroccan and international cuisine, as well as a wide selection of drinks.
  • Rick’s Cafe often hosts live music performances and events.

These are the places you would love to visit with Car rental Casablanca.

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