Sana Faysal

Sana Faysal Biography

Sana Faysal is married to the famous Pakistani drama actor Faysal Quraishi. In addition to her blog, she also has an Instagram account, on which she often posts videos of herself and her kids. Faysal Quraishi is a famous Pakistani actor who has starred in numerous critically acclaimed productions. In This Article, We Describe Sana Faysal, wife of Faysal Quraishi Detailed information about her life, including her age, birthday, height, family, son and daughter, education, profession, and Instagram account. Learn all there is to know about Sana Faysal by reading her extensive wiki and bio.


NameSana Faysal
HusbandFaysal Qureshi

Date of Birth

Sana Faysal was born in Lahore, Pakistan. The hometown of Sana Faysal and her family is Karachi.

Sana Faysal Husband

In 2010, Sana Faysal and Faisal Quraishi married in a small, intimate wedding. Faysal proposed to Sana at the wedding where they initially met. They had been dating for a week before deciding to be married. In his third marriage, Faysal Quraishi wed Sana.

Sana Faysal Family

It turned out that Sana and Faysal’s children, a daughter named Aayat Quraishi and a son named Farman Quraishi, were both healthy and attractive.

Social Media


Sana Faysal frequently publishes lovely photos of herself and her family on her numerous social media platforms; her daughter Farman Quraishi’s pictures, in particular, are popular.

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