Zunaira Mahum

Zunaira Mahum Biography

Good day, guys Zunaira Mahum, a stunning Pakistani host, actress, and model who works in show business, will be the topic of our discussion today. Khabarnaak is a well-liked program. She plays many characters and works with the Aftab Iqbal team. She also manages a YouTube channel called Zunaira Mahum Vlogs which she is subscribed to by more than 460k people.

Age and Hight

She resided in Sialkot and was born on 2 September 1996 in Saudi Arabia. The age of Zunaira Mahum is 25 Years. She stands 5 feet 7 inches tall.


She attended Sialkot-Cant for her primary education. She completed her political science master’s degree.


Zunaira Mahum comes from a family of soldiers. She and her family are residents of Sialkot. She has a brother and two sisters. Muhammad Hunain is the name of her brother. Rizma, her sister, also works in the show business.

Zunaira Mahum Husband

Zunaira Mahum, an actress and YouTuber, is not wed.

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Zunaira Mahum began her career in radio before being approached by Capital TV to go to Lahore and anchor her program. But Zanaira’s effort would not have been feasible without the family. Zunaira Mahum arrived at her aunt’s house in Lahore at her aunt’s request and began working there. She then advised his family to go to Lahore, and similarly, Zunaira Mahum worked with large networks and spent a lot of time in Aftab Iqbal’s team on the Khabarnaak show.

In 2015, she started a career in acting. She has since made numerous supporting acting appearances in Pakistani dramas. Zunaira Mahum participated in multiple theaters and motion pictures. She Participated In Khabarnaak Show As 1,000 Characters. Currently working on her Youtube channel.

Zunaira Mahum Net Worth

Regarding her earnings, salary, and source of revenue, she primarily relies on social media advertisements, brand sponsorships, and video blogging. Her yearly earnings range from $20.6K to $329.9K, from $1.7K to $27.5K per month.

Interesting Facts about Zunaira Husband

  • Even though Zunaira Mahum has been in more than 50 fashion shows and 15 dramas, Khabarnaak is the primary reason most people are familiar with her. She has also performed in movies.
  • Zunaira Mahum began her career in radio, and her first television program, E-Plant On Royal News Channel, was broadcast there.
  • She is a Khabarnaak Show Employee. In the Khabarnak performance, the Aftab Iqbal Team portrays various personalities.
  • Zunaira Mahum Enjoys Traveling In Sindh, Pakistan.
  • She enjoys raising hens as a hobby.
  • Zunaira Mahum works on numerous projects and often posts videos on Facebook and YouTube.
  • Zunaira enjoys having pets.
  • She is a Muslim by heritage.
  • She began her professional life as a model.



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