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Hello Everyone, Today, we’re going to discuss Babbu Rana who is the Pakistani Comedy Actor, Stage Show Actor, and Singer.

Babbu Rana is a Pakistani Rising Star Comedian Babbu Rana. His real name is Muhammad Babar Siddiq. He is well-known for Pakistani TV shows such as Khabardaar, Khabarzar, Khabaryar as well as Aap Kay Sitaray. Babbu is a part of the comedy show Khabardaar, currently broadcast on the Urdu-language TV channel Express-News. He also has appeared in a variety of stage plays.

Date of Birth/Age

Babbu Rana was born on the 10th of July 1981 in Faisalabad, Punjab. He is 41 years old in 2022. He lives In Faisalabad with his family.


Babbu Rana is married. We do not have the name of his spouse or children. However, Babbu Rana was married. Babbu Rana has two brothers. One is known as Hamid Rangila, and the other is named Muhammad Saeed Qadri. Another among Babbu Rana’s siblings is Naat Khawa. The other brother is currently working in the same field.

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He began his career in Faisalabad. Babbu Rana claims that he got into showbiz through a mistake or accident. He claims that he wrote and directed the stage play Faisalabad. The production was Babbu Rana’s first stage production. The actor was scared when he saw the crowd of drama fans and ran away. Babbu Rana was required to perform the role as Babbu Rana wrote the script.

Because of this, Babbu Rana was able to do it by himself, and the drama was excellent. Babbu Rana was working in the area for quite a while. His close friend brought him to Babu Bral, and then Babu Baral who named him Babbu Rana. He was a student of  Babu Baral. He was in the theater for ten years. Later, Babbu Rana was a music educator and performed songs in a parody, making Babbu Rana a huge hit. He also appeared in television shows and has worked for a long time with Aftab’s group in the Khabarnaak show.

2015 was the first time Rana had been cast in his most notable role on Khabardaar, the Express comedy satire program. The actor first was a minor character in the first season, but his character was made more prominent by the beginning of season 2. Rana voiced a puppet titled “Noni” on the comedy series Aap Kay Sitaray and was also the voice of a tool called “Lombard” on the online show Mehkma-e-Makholiat. Rana is also frequently seen in digital displays on the Open Mic Cafe.

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Some interesting facts about Babbu Rana

  • Babbu Rana’s real name Is Muhammad Babar Siddiq, But Babu Braj gives him an Actor’s Name, which is why his showbiz name is Babbu Rana.
  • Babbu Rana is a brilliant artic from Pakistan. He is a writer, actor, Singer, Composer, Musician, and stand-up comedian. He is multi-talented.
  • He claims that if he weren’t a comedian, he could be a great Naat Khawan. Babbu Rana’s elder brother also is a Naat reciter.
  • Babbu Rana is a Music Education student. The person with whom Babbu Rana was studying musically is Ustaad Babar Naseer. And currently, Babbu Rana is also an instructor of the legendary musician Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, who hails from Pakistan.
  • His Carrier was launched through Radio First When Babbu Rana was ten years old. He participated as a young Star, and he won the Prize.
  • Babbu Rana began his Carrier Officially In Faisalabad, then moved to Okara. He has played in many dramas in Okara However, he soon began to Lahore Stage Dramas, and his parody song earned him an Award.
  • Babbu Rana has been singing many parody songs and is currently singing a song in Movies.
  • Babbu Rana was a student of the legendary actor and comedian Babu Braj, and Babu Braj gave him a name.
  • Babbu Rana is married, and he has a child.
  • Babbu Rana’s Most Loved song is Tery Mast Mast Do Nan Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.
  • Babbu Rana is an educated person.

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