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Goga Pasroori Biography

Goga Pasroori is a Pakistani Standup Comedian and actor. Goga Pasroori Belongs Faisalabad. His Real Name is Asgar Ali Butt, and Stage Name Is Goga Pasroori. Goga Belong to Butt Family. Today We discuss about Goga Pasroori Biography, Age, Career, Shows and More. So, read this Article and Share it with your friends.

Date of Birth

Goga Pasroori was Born 22-October-1978 in Faisalabad. In 2022 he is 44 Years Old. He is living in Faisalabad with his Family.


Goga Pasroori’s marriage status is, as far as we know, the length of time Goga Pasroori was married. Goga Pasroori has two kids.

Goga Pasroori wife


  • Goga Pasroori started his career by hosting street drama shows in Faisalabad. Goga Pasroori began working in the Shows at 18. Before it, Goga Pasroori had no particular interest in the job.
  • Goga Pasroori has worked in stage drama for the past 10 years, but since then, Goga Pasroori has worked in television shows.
  • Goga Pasroori was intrigued by becoming an actor in his youth, so Goga Pasroori was also a part of stage dramas. Goga Pasroori also collaborated with Sajjad Jani for the City 24 TV channel, and Goga Pasroori was in many roles, in which Abhi Nandan’s character became highly well-known.
  • Goga Pasroori also calls Sajjad Jani his teacher. He Also Worked at Sajjad Jani Official with Sajjad Jani Team.
  • Presently, Goga Pasroori works on a YouTube channel called Gustakya with Haroon Rafique. Goga Pasroori has been playing Different roles on the show that is attracting very much attention.
  • He Also Working at Albela TV with Saleem Albela.

A few interesting facts about Goga Pasroori

  • Goga Pasroori From Faisalabad He is a Pakistani Standup Comedian and a TV Actor. He began his Carrier Journey through Street Shows and then entered the Showbiz Industry.
  • Many People Don’t Know His Real Name, But His Real Name Is Asgar Ali.
  • Goga Pasroori aspired to be an actor from the age of a child, so he was also a stage actor in stage plays.
  • Goga Pasroori Only Worked In Faisalabad Stage Dramas. He Never Goes Out of Faisalabad.
  • Goga Pasroori is Currently Working on YouTube with The Team Of Gustakhya Show and Played Many Different Characters.
  • Goga Pasroori is a Married Man and Has Two Childrens.

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