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Sajjad Jani Biography

Sajjad Jani, a Pakistani comedian, has established himself as a major in comedy. He is a prolific writer and anchor, voice artist and screenwriter, and a documentary filmmaker and corporate filmmaker.

Date of birth and education


Sajjad Jani

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Date of birth and education

Sajjad Jani was a Pakistani citizen born in Multan. He moved from Multan to Faisalabad when he was seven or eight. Sajjad Jani was a student up to the eighth grade. He then dropped out of school. Sajjad Jani lost his father and was placed in various jobs by his family. But Sajjad Jani ran away every time he got offered a job.


Sajjad Jani was 21 or 22 years Old when he married and has three children, a daughter and a son. Sajjad Jani is an elder brother to his siblings.

Sajjad Jani Career

Sajjad Jani mistakenly dubbed a Hollywood film that was very popular. This movie was dubbed in Punjabi by Sajjad Jani. The movie was well-received, and Sajjad became a successful actor. Sajjad Jani had difficulty with Vision, but then Sajjad January became a well-known comedian. Jani made many famous artists. Sajjad Jani is also the only artist to have never done any drama on stage or in film. Working is a way to make a name for yourself.

Sajjad Jani worked hard and made a name for himself. Jani has dubbed all-male voices in the movie Butt te Bhatti. Sajjad Jani was a young married couple and had children. Jani was struggling back then. Sajjad Jani is the father of a son and two girls. His son’s name is Abdullah Sajjad.

Career in dubbing

Sajjad Ali dubs for characters with a hopeful heart. They are generally cheerful, calm, funny, colorful, and happy characters. Their voices can range from medium to profound. They are best suited for people with authentic attitudes and positive attitudes. His career began with Jackie Chan’s Butt Te Bhatti. For four months, he continued to dub this movie. He then dubbed Punjabi in the most famous Hollywood movies. In terms of dubbing, the Hollywood movie Shanghai Noon was called Punjabi.

Sajjad Jani Road Show

Sajjad JANI is a Road Show host and has gained much popularity and followers. His Road Shows are well-known.

YouTube Channel

After Popularity, Sajjad Jani started his own YouTube channel. He now has his Team and Channel Growing Up. In His Youtube Team Include: Mitha Puriya, Faisal Ramy, Fareed Sabri and Ajmal Sony.

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