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Nida Chaudhry Biography

Nida Chaudhry, a stage actress and dancer, is well-known for her bold stage and theatre dancing. Due to her vulgar dance, she was expelled from the location several times. Nida’s mother died young. She visits her grave once a week.



Nida Chaudhary

Father Name

Qadir Hussain Choudhry



Net Worth

9 million dollars

Date of Birth

7 February 1985

Famous as

Stage Dancer




fifth grade


Nida Chaudhry Date of birth

She was born in Lahore on 7 February 1985.

Family Background

A story about Nida Chaudhry, a beautiful Pakistani stage dancer: many people become enthralled by one of his gestures. His dance and drama are viewed by many outside the theater. Nida Chaudhary traveled to the theater by rickshaw, but now she has large cars and big bungalows. She is a sought-after celebrity with millions of fans, but she does not sit on a branch like a bird.

Today, we will answer this critical question: How did she become the queen of millions? Nida Chaudhry was conceived in Lahore. Her parents called her Saira. He worked alongside all the great and famous actors on the stage. Although his father was a stage actor for nearly thirty years, he received very little pay. Qadir Hussain Choudhry is his name. Nida Chaudhry was born in Lahore to a low-income family. She was a child who saw mountains of poverty.

Nida, who had become wealthy, moved her family into a separate home and lived in a detached bungalow. She didn’t want her family to be disturbed by showbiz, so she began living apart.

Nida Chaudhry Stage


She was longing for the small things. Nida’s father wanted Nida to go to college and find a job. Nida Chaudhry enrolled at a local school to begin her education. She was unable to read beyond fifth grade. Nida Chaudhry decided to give up teaching to pursue her dream of being in showbiz. She stated that her father was in showbiz but didn’t want his daughter to be involved in it because he felt it wasn’t good for her. It is challenging to be successful in showbiz. Showbiz people aren’t considered suitable. Nida claims that her father said to her that there was no way out of showbiz.


Nida has not yet married and says she will marry someone who isn’t a showbiz star and would consider Nida, her wife. She has also stated that she is now entirely out of showbiz and the stage since her marriage. It’s a shame that she doesn’t care about anyone and continues to do her job.


Nida began working in the theatre. Because she didn’t have a car, she used a rickshaw to get to the theater. Sometimes it was her turn, and he didn’t have the funds to rent a rickshaw. Nida was trained in acting and dance. People saw her flamboyant, bright-skinned face for the first time when she appeared on stage. When she was young, this delicate butterfly used to dance at festivals and parties. This beautiful girl was a magnet for many who initially fell in love with her. When this girl wore tight, beautiful clothes, people would be enthralled. Her eyes did not move.

After dancing at private parties, she joined a theater. Nida Chaudhry was the first to perform in the Faisalabad theater. Deedar Chinioti and Nida were also present in the play. Nida says that Nida’s first play in the theater was at the time when Nargis and Khushboo were still active. Nida Chaudhary created a special place in her heart even with all this.

Film Career

Others actresses were forced to take the stage because they couldn’t find a job. Nida Chaudhary, on the other, decided to go into filmmaking after Reema Khan gave her a lot of support. She acted in 35 Pakistani films.
Dirty Girl was a movie about a butterfly that became the center of criticism and beauty in film history. But she returned to the stage, where she gained fame and a reputation. She used to ride a bicycle, but now she owns a large car and works as a driver.

Nida & Nargis

Nida Chaudhry’s actress Nargis couldn’t do anything without ease or freedom. She claims that Nargis started to do injustice to her right from the beginning. Although she had great respect for Nargis, Nargis made her cry every time. Nida claims that Nargis constantly interfered with Nida’s success. Although Nida initially remained silent, she took a stand against Nargis after her fame. After that, a bitter argument broke out, and the matter became enmity.

Net Worth

Nida Chaudhary’s net worth is approximately 9 million dollars (2022). Nida charges Rs 500,000 to perform a stage show. Even politicians and wealthy people invite her to dance and show off at their private parties, for which she is paid more than stage plays.
Nida Choudhry is considered one of Pakistan’s most wealthy stage actresses. She is the only actress on the stage with security guards to ensure her safety. Nida loves make-up, so she wears beautiful clothes most of the time. Nida Chaudhary often visits her childhood home to see her family. However, she also remembers her poverty. Although Nida Chaudhry has achieved fame and fortune, his dance moves and choreography profoundly impact his career.



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