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Sajan Abbas Biography

Dear viewers, today we are going to talk about Sajan Abbas, the biggest name in Pakistani comedy. He is a Pakistani stage playwright and stand-up comedian.

Sajan Abbas is known for his unique slow motion comedy style. He made an incredible journey to reach this place. He lived in a small room with 24 people. There were many obstacles and difficulties on the way to success but Sajan Abbas did not give up and continued his journey.

Sajan Abbas Date of Birth

Sajan Abbas Born in Faisalabad, the city of artists, his parents named him Sajan Abbas. He is the third of his siblings. His elder brother Sakhawat Naz is a well-known name in the theater. Sakhawat Naz turned to theater at the age of twelve.

Sajan Abbas family

Sajan Abbas was born into a middle-class family. His family was not rich. Due to limited resources, first Sakahwat Naz and then Sajan Abbas also faced many difficulties for success. Sajan Abbas had no interest in acting in theater. His brother Sakhawat was proud of Naz but he never wanted to be an actor. However, Sajan Abbas was very fond of watching dramas. He used to do a lot to watch dramas.

When it was time for Sakhawat Naz to enter, Sajan Abbas used to hide his brother Sakhawat Naz’s clothes. Sajan Abbas used to send a man to his house to get clothes … On the other hand, Sajan Abbas used to have clothes in his hand. As soon as that person came to the theater, Sajan Abbas would walk with him to the theater. In this way, the purpose of watching Sajan Abbas’s drama would have been fulfilled. Although he had no interest in becoming an actor, he was destined to become a comedian and that is what brought him on track.

The first Stage drama

 Sajan Abbas did his first drama in Chiniot with Tahir Nowshad’s brother … He was going to Chiniot just for fun. There was to be a one-day drama at the Chiniot football ground. Sajan Abbas reached there in the evening. Artists were already there and the play had been rehearsed. Sajan Abbas was also given a little rehearsal but there was a problem. Current artists refuse to allow Sajan Abbas to enter.

He objected that we have rehearsed as this boy Sajan Abbas did not rehearse so this boy cannot enter. Sajan Abbas was very disappointed. The debate went on for a long time and finally Sajan Abbas got a chance to enter. In this play, Sajan Abbas has been given the role of Charsi.

This is the time when Sajan Abbas’s illustrious career began. There was a talented actor hiding inside Sajan Abbas who was spotted on stage. When young Sajan Abbas appeared on the stage for the first time, the ground was filled. As soon as Sajan Abbas started performing, the whole hall resounded with applause. Of all the actors, Sajan Abbas was the most appreciated.

 Sajan Abbas was present on the stage throughout the play. After this drama, Sajan Abbas realized that he was made for this purpose. After that Sajan Abbas started struggling in acting. Migrated from Faisalabad and came to Lahore. At the inauguration of Sajan Abbas’s theater, Sakhawat Naz had been working in the theater for 15 years.

Sajan Abbas Career

He turned to the Al-Hamra Art Council. Sajan Abbas’s first teacher was Sakhawat Naz. But when he worked with Babu Baral and Mastana, they both fell in love with him. He has achieved a lot by serving both the artists. Sajan Abbas was very impressed with the work of Babubral and Mastana. Sajan Abbas, like other artists, did not speak in slow motion but in a traditional way because in theater it is preferred to speak loudly and not softly.

  When Sajan Abbas slowly started adopting the style of slow motion, he was well received by the people and all his seniors rebuked him but Sajan Abbas understood that this was the key to his success. So, Sajan Abbas would have adopted the same style on stage when the backstage was the worst, he would have apologized to everyone and promised not to do it again. During this time Sajan Abbas saw a very difficult time.

The hard work of Sajan Abbas

They lived in a room with 24 people. All the ordinary artists working in the theater lived in the same small room. Sajan Abbas often did not have a place to sleep and he slept on his shoes. The biggest ordeal came when Sajan Abbas’s brother died. Sajan Abbas was acting with his brother Sakhawat Naz when he got the news of his brother’s death. It was a traumatic time for both brothers.

But they both performed. Going to the stage, people kept laughing and behind the stage, both of them started crying. Sajan Abbas was married at an early age. According to him, marriage and then the birth of a daughter has given him great success. Before marriage, Sajan Abbas’s salary was Rs. However, a few days after the marriage, their compensation reached Rs 1,500.

Sajan Abbas's TV career

Sajan Abbas finally reached his destination with hard work and prayers of fans. He has the honor of working with all the legends of the theater. Sajan Abbas also has a beautiful voice. He has also performed many comic poems. Sajan Abbas left the theater and turned to TV and movies. Sajan Abbas also appeared on screen as a comedian in some films. These include both Urdu and Punjabi films. Recently, he showed the essence of his acting in the Indian Punjabi film Chal Meera Put which was very popular in both the countries.

Sajan Abbas starred in Jackpot and Idea Sucrose. Both the films were produced by Javed Sheikh. The movie Jackpot was shot in Thailand. Sajan Abbas also worked with Zafari Khan in the Punjabi film Run Mureed. It was a comedy film that graced Regal Cinema Lakshmi Chowk for six months. Sajan Abbas also turned to TV realizing the need of the hour.

 On TV, he has also performed in comedy shows, of which the private TV channel Swatin is the most popular. In this program, Sajan Abbas played the role of Gaddi Sai which was much appreciated. In this show, Sajan Abbas has made more than 800 recordings in front of politicians, actors, cricketers and people from many other fields. He has performed in all over the world except seven or eight countries.

Sajan Abbas's fame

Sajan Abbas has performed in almost all European countries. His comedy film is also very popular across the border in India. The Sikh community in particular loves Sajan Abbas. Sakhawat Naz is also a famous comedian. The two brothers worked tirelessly and both were rewarded. Both brothers are living a happy life. Sajan Abbas lives in Lahore with his family.

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