Qaiser Piya

Qaiser Piya Biography

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about Pakistan’s greatest comedian and actor Qaiser Piya. Qaiser Piya is a stand-up comedian for a stage drama and is currently a member of Dunya News’ popular comedy show Mazzaq Raat. Qaiser Piya was born in 1979 in Faisalabad.

Qaiser Piya Career

His real name is Qaiser Rashid. The title of Piya was given to him by Pakistan’s famous comedian Tariq Teddy. Qaiser Piya started his career from Faisalabad. Qaiser Piya belonged to a very poor family. Qaiser belongs to the Jat community, so comedy was not in his imagination. Qaiser Piya had four sisters. Before entering the comedy field, Qaiser used to sell soda bottles on a donkey cart. In the field of comedy, he became a student of renowned Pakistani comedian Saleem Bella.

Qaiser Piya says he never forgets his past. He used to think of his sister that we were so poor that no one would marry our sister. Qaiser Piya cried and prayed to Allah and then the next day he went to work with his friend at the wedding and there were some dancers. One of the dancers was named Qaiser. The dancer offered Qaiser Piya to come on stage. Qaiser Piya’s friend told Qaiser Piya that there are many girls in the stage, so Qaiser Piya came to this field under the pretext of seeing girls, after which Qaiser Piya left his donkey cart and started struggling in the theater.

Qaiser Piya Struggle Days

Because Qaiser belonged to the Piaget community, his father forbade him from the field. Many times, he would take Qaiser Piya home from the theater and beat her severely. But Qaiser Piya was obsessed with his work. Due to the same obsession of Qaiser Piya, his family members decided to leave Faisalabad and shift to Multan but Qaiser Piya still did not leave the theater and continued to struggle.

Qaiser Piya was not liked by any artist in the theater at first because Qaiser Piya did not know how to make a world. He copied the worlds of his seniors. Qaiser Piya started watching the plays of his seniors and in every play he would sit down with a copy and a pen. He would take note of all the jokes and punch lines and then do whatever he could during the play. Sometimes when the copy was full of worlds he would write the rest of the worlds on his hands.

Qaiser Piya was also known as a copywriter in the theater for some time and then slowly began to remember the world. Qaiser Piya did not receive any payment from the theater for five years. Struggle Qaiser Piya went through a lot of hardships. But then came the time when Qaiser Piya’s comedy became famous all over the world. Qaiser Piya is honored to have worked with all the famous comedians. He does not consider himself a complete comedian. According to him, he is still learning comedy.

Some interesting facts about Qaiser Piya

  • Qaiser Piya has five siblings, of whom Qaiser Piya is the only brother.
  • Qaiser Piya’s marriage is not a marriage but he still loves his wife very much. They have three children, two daughters and a son.
  • In the field of stage, Qaiser Piya became a student of Saleem Bella. He considers Naseem Vicky’s generosity and Sardar Kamal as his ideal. Very few people know that their marriage was arranged by the famous Pakistani artist Naseem Vicky in his family.
  • Qaiser Piya has worked in every format of entertainment. He played a huge role in Pakistan’s most popular film Load Wedding and now he is working in more films. Qaiser Piya has performed in other countries including Pakistan. Qaiser Piya has also shown the magic of his art in India and has also won awards in India.


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