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Naseem Vicky Biography

Malik Naseem Vicky is a TV and film actor, and a stand-up Comedian. Vicky is a member of the Malik caste. He is a stand-up comedian in Punjabi dramas and appears on a few comedy shows on various news channels. Naseem Vicky was a comedian on Family Front (1997). He has also appeared on many comedy programs in India in recent years. Naseem was a part of Nautanki Ke Super Overs, which Colors TV aired. He was performing at Comedy Nights Bachao.

Naseem Vicky Date of birth

Nassem Vicky was a Pakistani citizen born in Faisalabad (Punjab) on July 18, 1976. He moved to Lahore in 2000 for his best career. Naseem Vicky now has 40+ years.


Chandni Naseem is Naseem Vicky’s wife. They have two children. The photos of Naseem Vicky’s wife and children are not very well-known on the internet.


His education is matric. He gets 499 numbers out of 1100 in his matric exams in 1991.


He made Hi Dabute in stage dramas after his Matric Exams in 1991. Naseem moved to Lahore in 2000 to pursue his dream job. He was a pioneer in Pakistani Stage Dramas and Comedy Shows on New Channels. He was involved in the Family Front.

Naseem Vicky has done a lot of hard work, and now he appears in Ham Sab Umeed se hain to perform on Geo News’ Comedy Show, Finally, he got a chance to perform in India. He was the best performer in Nautanki Super Overs. Naseem Vicky currently works on Comedy Nights with Kapil and The Kapil Sharma Show. He has also appeared in some Pakistani Stage Dramas.

Naseem Vicky is now an actor and director in stage dramas. He worked with Nargis, Sajjan abbas, Tariq Teddy, and Iftikhar Thakur.

He also joins Express News’s Program Khabar Naak Naseem. Vicky is the sister of Asad Kharal, a prominent Pakistani journalist. Now a Days he Works at Taro se karen Batain at GNN News.

Naseem Vicky net worth

His net worth has increased significantly since 2022. His net worth is between $1 Million and $5 Million. This is approximately 187,991,500 to 93,957 7,500 in Pakistani Rupees.


  1. Best Actor Award at PTV in 2000.
  2. Television Shows
  3. ‘Rahain (1998)
  4. Ahlna
  5. Family Front (1997)
  6. Dillagi (PTV Drama) (2004) [4]
  7. Home Sweet Home
  8. Janjaal Pura (1997 PTV season)
  9. Lahori Gate
  10. Achanak
  11. Ham Sab Umeed Say Hain (2007–2015 TV seasons)
  12. Laugh India Laugh
  13. Nautanki Ke Super Overs
  14. Comedy Nights with Kapil
  15. Chori Chori (PTV Drama)
  16. Eidi Sab Ke Liye on ARY Zindagi
  17. Comedy Nights Bachao
  18. The Kapil Sharma Show


  1. One Two Ka One
  2. Devdas 2 (A Pakistani Comedy Movie)
  3. Kaaf Kangana



Naseem Vicky With Kapil Sharma
Naseem Vicky Umrah
Naseem Vicky Pics
Naseem Vicky with Sidhu PA G

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