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Ehsan Danish biography

Ehsan Dan was a prominent Urdu poet hailing from Pakistan. His life was a story of a person without a high school education who struggled to become a poet of distinction. He worked for many years as an ordinary worker and eventually became a poet of great merit. His autobiography Jahan-e-Danish, which is a classic today, has inspired many.

Ehsan Dan has published more than 80 books, hundreds of articles, poetry, prose, autobiography, and the famous “Diwan-e-Ghalib” interpretation. Only 5% have been published to date. The remaining books remain unpublished in manuscript form or are only published once.



Ehsan Danish

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India, Pakistan

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22nd of March 1982


Ehsan Danish date for birth

Ehsan Dan was born in 1914 when Europe was still at the end of World War I. All of Europe was affected by Hitler’s power. It was the most crucial battle that shook Europe. Ehsan is a well-known poet and writer in Urdu. Although he was born in India, he moved to Pakistan after Pakistan became a state.

Early life

Ehsan Dan was born in Kandhla, Shamli in Uttar Pradesh, India. Due to financial difficulties, he couldn’t continue his education. His family was impoverished, and he couldn’t even pay the first expenses of his teaching. It was perhaps the main reason he focused his attention on the laborers of the low-income class and his extensive work with the working people. He explored the significant problems facing the poor.

He eventually decided to move to Lahore and settled down permanently. Ehsan worked long hours to live in Lahore. He was also a laborer. These difficulties in his life taught him a great lesson. Despite his insufficient resources and financial challenges, he learned Persian and Arabic languages through his efforts. He became a prominent poet in Pakistani Urdu, and he is still remembered.


At the beginning of his career, he was with a more romantic attitude to his poetry. He loved the beauty of the natural world and Allah Almighty’s creations.

With time, he began to see the miseries of the world and the hardships of poor people living their daily lives. He then turned his attention toward the laborers. Many of his poems were about the workers and the laborers of the lower classes. He was known as Shaire-e-Mazdur, which he called the workers’ poet. As he described the hardships that laborers faced, his poetry inspired the audience to think about ordinary people.

He has been compared to the work of Josh Malih Abadi. He is one of the most prominent Urdu poets in Pakistan. His work is connected to revolutionary and romantic fields. His poetry was simple and easy to understand by his readers.

Autobiography - Jahan-e-Danish

Ehsan Dan was a prolific writer of prose and contributed hundreds of essays, articles and books to the field of Urdu prose. Ehsan Danish’s autobiography, Jahan-e-danish, is a magnificent masterpiece in Urdu literature. He published Jahan-e-Danish in Lahore (Pakistan) in 1973. He duly awarded Adam Ji a literary prize to recognize his academic merit and linguistic excellence. This autobiography is a top-ranking Urdu autobiography because of its language, diction and sincerity.

Ehsan Danish Poetry

Ehsan Dan was called Poet-Laborer (Share-Mazdoor) because of his passionate, revolutionary and new poems for the workers, the poor, and the oppressed. His style of poetry, written by Josh Malihabadi, impressed him initially. Uniquely and powerfully, he had exposed the harsh realities of the labor class.

Ehsan Danish Death

He was laid to rest in Miani Sahib Graveyard on the 22nd of March 1982. His poems and writings on the dignity of labor earned him the title of Shaer-e-Mazdoor (poet for the laborers).

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