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Tahzeeb Hafi poet, with a fresh style and beautiful accent, was born on the 5th of December 1989. In Retra, Tehsil Taunsa Sharif (Dera Ghazi Khan District). He earned an MA in Urdu from Bahawalpur University after doing software engineering at Mehran University which is now located in Lahore.

Tehzeeb Hafi Personal Details

NameTehzeeb Hafi
Famous forPoetry
Date of Birth5th of December 1989
EducationMA from Bahawalpur University
Net Worth$9,990 – $63,116


The same ease of naturalness, spontaneity, and extempore-ness that Tahzeeb’s manner of conduct and appearance is a reflection of similar qualities can be found in his writing. Tahzeeb Hafi’s poetry reaches the heartstrings and there is a sense of beauty in the arrangement of his poems and the way he expresses himself which encapsulates the senses of both the person reading and listening. That’s why he’s considered to be among the most popular poets of the young generation.

The awe-inspiring imagination of his, the unbounded Medi, and pictorialism. the building-up of hemistichs and the arrangement of words in a way that is almost spontaneous are but a few features of his poetic style. These characteristics are among the main reasons he’s invited to perform his work his poems at every major Mushaira.

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