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Ali Zaryoun Biography

Ali Zaryoun was born in 1983, in Faisalabad. He writes in several languages, including Urdu, Hindi, Farsi, Punjabi, and English as a multilingual poet, songwriter, and thinker. His range of writing makes him a great poet. A lot of his couplets or Ashaar are highly regarded, and so are his Ghazals and Poems.

Alongside becoming a well-known poet of the current generation, Ali Zaryoun has also gained his fan base through social media and many other avenues. Since 1999, Ali Zaryoun has received many awards and the crowd’s hearts for his many performances at Pakistani establishments, mosques, and weddings.

Ali Zaryoun Details


Ali Zaryoun

Father Name

Jaun Elia

Date of Birth

1983 Faisalabad



Famous as


Pen Name

Ali Zaryoun




Ali Zaryoun career

His social media following and other platforms are believed to be thousands for Zayryoun. From 1999 to the present, Ali has performed at various events, institutes, and mushairas across Pakistan and abroad, representing Pakistan in international competitions and winning hearts and awards.

With his poems, the poet Ali Zaryoun challenges society stereotypes and provides a feeling of realization for his audience. Through his poetry, he promotes love, harmony, respect, and acceptance in society. Maktaba Zaryoun is his publication initiative.

Ali Zaryoun Pen Name

Ali is his actual name. Later, in 1999, he began adding Zaryoun to complete the name of his pen. His full pen name has been changed to Ali Zaryoun. He spoke to the media in an interview and said that his name is a match to Jaun Elia’s son because of an accident.

Ali Zaryoun Poetry

His Poetry allows people to express their emotions through gorgeous poetry. Ali Zaryoun Shayari and ghazals are loved by those who enjoy reading good poems. It is possible to read two and four lines of poetry and download Ali Zaryoun’s poetry pictures. You can easily share them with loved ones, including your family and friends. Since then, many books have been written about Ali Zaryoun Shayari. Urdu Ghazal readers have their preferences and choices, and we will read Ali Zaryoun’s poetry in Urdu and English in various genres.

Ali Zaryoun Shayari is a unique narrative style. His poetry provides a powerful way of challenging society’s stereotypes and informing the reader about himself. Through his poem his work, he calls on the community to treat each other with respect and compassion.

Sad poetry written by Ali Zaryoun is also prevalent. Maktaba Zaryoun is also the name of his publishing company. In the same way as his poetry, he has set an example for the next generation of poets. No matter what sad poems of Ali Zaryoun’s romantic ballads, his sad lyrics, and Punjabi poetry, fans of poetry worldwide are drawn by his work of Ali Zaryoun. Poetry written by Ali Zaryoun is prevalent among his followers in Urdu Shayari.



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