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Urooj Fatima Biography

Young singer Urooj Fatima has only recently broken into the industry, but she has already made a big impression on many listeners with her unique vocal prowess. She is receiving adoration and love from all corners of the world for the right reasons. Urooj is well-known for the Pashto song “Laila O Laila” which she performed with Ali Zafar in 2020.

She has not started her singing career fully because she is still enrolled in school. But she will inevitably pursue a singing career in the future. Urooj is gifted with a voice that can carry her far.


NameUrooj Fatima
Date of Birth2007
EducationEnrolled in a Quetta School
Famous asSinger, Model
SongsLaila O Laila, Allay

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Date of Birth

2007 saw the birth of this budding kid star. She was born in Quetta and currently resides in Quetta with her parents.


She is enrolled in a Quetta School. She claims that her future goal, for which she works diligently, is to become an Army doctor.


She comes from a typical family; none of them have chosen to pursue careers in this area. She is the only one whose career as a singer just so happened.

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Career Urooj was quite taken aback by Ali Zafar and Abida Parveen’s vocal prowess, and she was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to collaborate on a song with this great performer in 2019. The most popular music was that sung in Pashto. On the other hand, I liked her voice too. She once more had the chance to perform a song with Ali in 2020 called “Allay”.

In addition, her song “Allay” was a contender for the 2021 PISA Awards’ best song of the year. Both songs, which are both in Pashto, are very well-liked by listeners. She frequently appeared after her two tracks’ publication, but we’d like to hear more of her music. Without a doubt, Urooj has a beautiful voice.

She can sing, too, and occasionally sings covers of other tunes. Urooj sang with Hassan Badshah and Abid Brohi in the recent release of her song video Gharoli. She performs live shows as well in several cities.

Interesting Facts About Urooj Fatima.

  • She Starts her CAREER at the age of 9.
  • She shocked everyone by singing “Laila O Laila” when she was 12.
  • Her collaboration with Ali Zafar on the 2019 smash hit Balochi song “Laila O Laila” brought her even more fame.
  • Abida Parveen and Ali Zafar are two of her favorite actors.
  • Her younger brother is also a singer.
  • she wants to be an army doctor.
  • Her older brother taught her how to play the guitar and sing.

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