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Ayesha Fazli

ayesha fazli

Ayesha Fazli Biography

Ayesha Fazli is a stunning and gifted woman who married Ali Zafar, a well-known singer, and actress. In this article, we discussed Ayesha Fazli’s biography, Wikipedia, age, height, education, brother, parents, religion, Husband, marriage, Son, Daughter, nationality, and Instagram account. Her parents and brother are also mentioned.


NameAyesha Fazli
Husband NameAli Zafar
Date of BirthMarch 2, 1980
SonAzaan Zafar
DaughterAlyza Zafar
Net Worth$10 million


She was born in Pakistan on March 2, 1980, and her birthday is that day. In 2022 Her age will be 42 YEARS.


Ayesha Fazli and Ali Zafar commemorated their wedding anniversary in 2009. When the couple first encounters one other in the hotel foyer, Ali Zafar sketches Ayesha at that moment. He was 19 years old, and Ayesha was 16 at the time. The couple was kidnapped in 2008, but their family was able to secure their release by paying 2.5 million Rupees in ransom to the kidnappers. The wedding ultimately happened after a protracted period of living together as engaged spouses. Ali Zafar has said that he respects his wife to the uttermost. She isn’t someone who is focused on material things, in his opinion. She is endowed with this quality. Ayesha is also aware of the difficulties Ali Zafar must overcome in his acting profession. She is a strong supporter of his profession of choice.

Ali Zafar and Ayesha Fazli

She has little doubt about him and takes him at his word. She gets the sense that he can distinguish between right and wrong and wouldn’t unintentionally act inappropriately. Her company of Ali Zafar on his film site scouting excursions has become quite common. She is interested in finding out more about how moving pictures are made. She consequently frequently makes trips to the movie set where her spouse works. Ali Zafar works as a Pakistani Singer and actor, which is a very challenging career. But he makes it a point to prioritize spending time with his family, especially his wife and kids. The disclosure of this information delights Ayesha Fazli.

She can now unwind and enjoy life because her husband has successfully learned to manage his business and family life. A child was born due to Ayesha Fazli and Ali Zafar’s union. He was born in 2010, just one year after they began planning their weddings. He will have lived through his sixth year of life in 2016.

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Daughter & Son

Azaan Zafar, a boy, and Alyza Zafar, a girl, were born to Ayesha Fazli and Ali Zafar.

In relation to Amir Khan

Ayesha Fazli and renowned actor Aamir Khan have a fragile relationship. It’s a little challenging to see the connection. Ayesha Fazli’s aunt, who is also Ayesha Fazli’s aunt, is related to Zeenat Hussain, Aamir Khan’s mother. Through this, Ali Zafar and Ayesha Fazli are linked to the well-known actor Aamir Khan. Ayesha Fazli and Ali Zafar are also connected to Imran Khan in some way because Imran Khan is Aamir Khan’s nephew.

Net Worth

$2 million to $10 million on average

Ayesha Fazil Instagram

In Pakistan, she has the highest number of followers on Instagram. 102,000 Followers follow her.

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