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Common habits that make nails prone to acne

Who looks good on acne on the face? It is difficult to estimate how much these pimples or other marks on the face affect the mood of most people. Nail acne problem is the most common skin disease worldwide that affects about 70 to 80 per cent of people between the ages of 11 and 30 years. But the question is, how are the faces of some people protected from it and why are some people exposed to it more? So there can be many reasons for this, many times it is also due to heredity or genes, but some common mistakes people make also increase the risk.

1: Wash your face with soap

Soaps contain chemicals that are harmful to some skin types. These chemicals dry out the skin on the face which increases the risk of acne breakouts.

2: Touching the face too much

Most people are used to touching their faces with dirty hands but also do it when they get pimples. Touching the face with hands increases the number of sebum, dirt and germs on the skin, which increases the risk of nail acne.

3: Drinking insufficient amount of water

Dehydration affects the health of the skin and makes it look dry and yellow while also increasing the risk of nail acne. So try to drink an adequate amount of water throughout the day.

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4: Excessive phone use

Your phone screen is home to germs and excessive use of it increases the risk of facial acne. There is also dust and makeup particles on the phone screen, which also increases the risk of nail acne. So it is better to make it a habit to clean the phone often.

5: Not using sunscreen

Strong sunlight can dry out the acne, but it will worsen later. That’s why it’s important to apply sunscreen before stepping out, especially during the summer.

6: Not cleaning the TV remote

The remote control of TV or air conditioner also has a high amount of bacteria that can be transferred to the face through fingers and increases the risk of nail acne. So clean all the remotes in the house at least once a week.

7: Sleeping with makeup on

If women go to bed without removing makeup, it can clog facial pores while increasing oil production, increasing the risk of nail acne.

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