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6 Things not to keep in the car in hot weather

Bottled water can cause dangerous diseases. What things should not be kept in the car in hot weather? Know

Environmental experts have indicated that global warming will increase further and have also said that the world should prepare to avoid extreme hot weather. Let us tell our readers that the summer season will be more severe in the coming times and during this time it will not be enough to just run fans and AC but also change our daily habits. One such habit is leaving certain items in your car that pose serious hazards. Let us tell you about these things and the dangers associated with them.

1: Water bottle

Everyone keeps a water bottle in the car during the summer season, but one should not keep the same bottle for a long time because the BPA chemical in the water bottle gets released and it can cause cancer.

2: Children and pets

Leaving children and pets inside the vehicle is extremely dangerous. The temperature inside the car can reach 60 degrees in summer, leading to several cases of heart attack or death from suffocation reported every year.

3: Gaseous things

Gas cylinders, lighters, perfumes, air fresheners and disinfectants and sprays are things that can explode at any time and cause a fire in the car.

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4: Mobile and power bank

Electronic devices contain batteries that get very hot in the heat or sun. It is not okay to leave a laptop or any electronic device in the car.

5: Medicines

Facial products like sunscreen, creams or lotions and medicines etc. are recommended by doctors to be kept in a cool environment but people also keep them in the car due to which the formula of life saving medicines is also changed.

6: Glasses

It is also not advisable to keep glasses in the car during hot weather as the heat of the car can damage the frame and fitting of your glasses.

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