Top 12 Interesting Traditions at New Year in the World

Farewell to the old year and welcome to the new year are celebrated in different ways around the world and traditional ways and rituals are adopted for it, some of the traditional ways are interesting and strange as well.

1: 12 Round Fruit

In the Southeast Asian country of the Philippines, 12 types of round ‘spherical’ fruits are offered to guests on New Year’s Eve. representing a month of , these fruits are served in the center of the table late at night.

2: Ringing of bells 108 times

Another Asian country, Japan, also has a traditional method on New Year’s Eve. In the last moments of December 31, temple bells are rung 108 times throughout Japan.

3: Playing drums and drums

On New Year’s Eve, people in most countries of the world come out of their homes with drums and pots and start playing them. It is said that this tradition started in Ireland, its purpose is to rid oneself of evil thoughts and To get rid of negative emotions so that the beginning of the new year is positive and prosperous.

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4: Cleaning Wells

This tradition called ‘Cleaning Wells’, attributed to the region of Wales in Great Britain, is rarely found in the world. On the first day of the year in Wales, children go to the house where they sing a song or recite a poem at the door, and the family gives them a gift in return. , give chocolates or coins.

5: Write a wish and burn it

Most people in the world believe that wishes made at the beginning of the New Year come true, but in Russia and especially in Armenia, people write down their wishes on paper, which they burn and keep the ashes, and so on. When the clock strikes 12, they put the ashes in a drink and drink it.

6: Coin inside the cake

In some European countries, including Cyprus, a special cake called ‘vaselopita’ is prepared on New Year’s Eve. A coin is also hidden and the part of the cake that the coin lands on is considered a sign of good fortune for the year.

7: Cut the apple in half

In the Czech Republic, a country in Eastern Europe, people traditionally cut an apple in two on New Year’s Eve. If the inside of the apple shows a cross, it is considered a bad omen for the New Year.

8: Jumping off a chair

In the European country of Denmark, there is an interesting tradition where people stand on a chair and jump on the floor a few moments before the beginning of the new year. You can leave the negative things in the year and start a new year.

9: Hogmanay

‘Hogmanay’ is a Scottish word meaning the last day of the old year. As the new year begins, people in Scotland traditionally greet each other and wish each other a happy new year, usually by carrying torches or otherwise lighting fires in the streets. The New Year is celebrated like a festival in warrior costumes.

10: Eat 12 Grapes

Spain, another European country, has an interesting tradition of welcoming the New Year. As the New Year begins, Spanish citizens eat 12 grapes, which they believe will bring them good luck for the 12 months of the year. It will be proven, apart from Spain, this custom is also found in Latin America and Indonesia.

11: Jump on the Beach 7 Times

On New Year’s Eve in Brazil, citizens flock to the beach where they jump with the waves 7 times to ensure that each day of the week of the coming year will be lucky for them. And leave the jewelry too.

12: Carrying an Empty Suitcase

In most countries of Latin America, an interesting ritual is performed on New Year’s Eve, people take an empty suitcase outside the house, they believe that this act can give them the opportunity to travel and adventure in the New Year.

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