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Marvia Malik

marvia malik

Marvia Malik Biography

In this day and age, the majority of Transgender will be seen either in brothels or begging on signals or dancing at a dance party. But Marvia is the first transgender newscaster in Pakistan to become a successful man and set an example for other eunuchs. Marvia Malik started her career after facing many difficulties in her life.

Date of birth/Age

Marvia Malik was born in 1997 in Lahore. He has three siblings in her family. As a child, her classmates at school harassed her for being a eunuch, but she managed to complete her matriculation. After matriculation, she left her home and took refuge with other trans women. She had wanted to be a lawyer or a journalist all her life.

Marvia Malik Education

All her life she had faced all kinds of abuse, but she was so determined to make a name for herself that she completed her two-year intermediate degree from a boys’ college. In the meantime, he ignored every comment.

Before graduating from Punjab University with a degree in Maths Communication, he worked as a make-up artist to fund his higher education. After that he applied for a news reader in Koh-e- Noor News. After 3 months of training, she became a newsreader at just 21 years old.

Marvia Malik Career

In March 2018, Marvia Malik became the first transgender to play the role of a newsreader in Pakistani media. The incident received significant media attention. According to media reports, she has also walked the ramp for Pakistan Fashion Design Council’s Fashion Week in Lahore. She also advocates for the rights of transgender people in Pakistan. She is also campaigning for jobs and reservations for transgender people in Parliament.

Transfer Rights

Marvia is progressive in her views and believes in the equality of all human beings. In an interview with The Logical Indian, Marvia raises a very simple but pertinent question as to why transgender people are called transgender. “Transgender people should not be called third gender, but we are ordinary people,” she says. It is true that no transgender person needs to beg or dance to earn bread and butter. Would have If transgender people are also provided with respectable sources of income, then they should not do begging and other work. In order to identify someone, one should look at skills and not gender.

Public opinion

This step of Marvia Malik was accepted by the people and they stood side by side and especially the journalists encouraged her.

Other projects

Mrvia wants to push for a law that would make it mandatory for families to give eunuchs their share of the property as a boy or a girl. “Transgender people are forced to dance and beg because they have no other way to make ends meet. When they are away from their families, they have nowhere else to go. “My trans friends have masters’ degrees but they don’t have jobs because of which they come on the streets or in the line of pornography,” Marvia said.

Marvia Malik is currently committed to the rights of eunuchs. Out of 22 crore people of Pakistan, there are about 50,000 eunuchs. Marvia Malik has opened the way for the success of these 50,000 eunuchs by taking up an honorable department.

Social Media

Marvia Malik Bold Shoot

Marvia Malik, Pakistan’s transgender news anchor, poses for a photograph at the Kohenoor News channel in Lahore

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