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Dolly Fashion Biography

Dolly is a very famous and known celebrity on social media. Her Real Name is Nosheen Syed. She is a professional makeup artist. She is getting popular day by day. Her fame is not hidden from anyone in social media applications. She also came to many morning shows for the interviews and in this way, she is getting popular every day. Here we are going to tell the viewers the interesting facts and features about dolly the fashion icon.

Dolly gained her popularity from the social media app Tik Tok. Her followers is in millions. Many people follow her on her Tik Tok account. Her account is now officially approved. She is a famous star of social media. Now she started working in many commercials and short drama stories.



Nosheen Syed

Brand Name

Dolly Fashion Icon

Famous for

TikTok, Model, Salon

Date of Birth

16 August 1992


28 Years






MM Alam Road Lahore


Date of Birth

She was born on 16 August 1992 in LAHORE. Her Age is 28 Years as of 2022. She Lives with her family in Lahore. 

Physical Appearance

In terms of her appearance, Dolly Fashion has captivating eyes and a pretty figure. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 62 kilograms.

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Family and Husband

Nosheen Syed Belogs to a muslim Family. Her Mother is a Housewife. Dolly is currently unmarried, and no rumors of her dating any boy have been ever heard. She usually keeps her personal life away from social media. So, nothing is exactly known about her married life. She is currently an independent woman and living a lavish lifestyle from her extraordinary income from various sources.


Dolly got her primary education from local private schools in Lahore, Pakistan. Then She completed her bachelor’s degree in fashion management.

Dolly fashion Hair Style

Dolly has never had any beauty secrets, but she has always been very particular about the way she keeps her hair. She likes to keep it long and curly, and she used to comb her hair daily.

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Dolly Fashion Makeup Bag

She always carries a makeup bag with her wherever she goes, and she never has to worry about finding the right shade of lipstick or mascara. In addition, she usually carries some lip balms and nail polish. According to her she gave her most precious fashion bag to Areeqa haq as a gift.

Skincare routine

Dolly was born and raised in Pakistan, and she had always used skincare products made from natural ingredients like rose water and almond oil. She always uses natural products which are effective for skin, and it doesn’t irritate her skin.

Nosheen Syed Diet Habits

Dolly fashion is very conscious about what she eats, and she follows a diet chart that consists of raw vegetables and fruits. She also likes to drink plenty of water, milk, juices, and other drinks.

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She is not only the tik tock start but also a fashion designer, A fashion model, An Instagram sensation, A make artist, and also a model of many popular brands. Dolly fashion icon is also a brand ambassador of some makeup brands. She owns a makeup salon in Lahore. Many females from all over Pakistan came to her salon for her beauty and hair treatment. She is earning a lot from her social media apps and from its famous salon. Now she started working as a model in many abroad countries.

Career in TikTok

Tiktoker Dolly is famous for her modeling TikTok videos. She also works as a fashion model. TikToker Dolly has more than 11.7 Million followers on TikTok.

Career in modeling

Indeed, Dolly fashion is one of the most famous models. She’s among the biggest Pakistani models. She also invites other well-known female models to model. In almost every TikTok video, we can see her model Manahil Malik was also there to model.

Dolly Fire TikTok Video Controversy

Tiktoker Dolly got into trouble for setting fire in the Margala Hills for TikTok videos. FIR was lodged against her and her friend. People criticized her for this immoral act.

dolly fashion fire video

Nosheen Syed Awards

  • DM digital network award as an anchorperson/host
  • Jashan-e-baharan award as a guest appearance
  • Avona Bridal Show award as an honorable guest
  • Pakistan Mega Fashion & Art Awards Show as an honorable guest
  • Award for participating in Largess Fashion Show
  • Spring Fashion Show award as an honorable guest
  • Award for showing best performance at Pakistan Culture Show 2016
  • Award for performing best at Qubee pure nature
  • Jashan-e-baharan award for being an honorable guest
  • Award from Express Tv for participating in Express education & career expo

Interesting facts about Nousheen Syed Dolly

  • She has gained huge success and wealth from all these different fields of her life.
  • Currently, she is independently running a company under the title of Leo Productions.
  • Still, she hasn’t stopped and is exploring new fields of life to become a popular figure both nationally and internationally.
  • From her extraordinary makeup skills, she has now started introducing new faces in the Pakistan fashion industry.
  • Nousheen Syed Dolly is also the brand ambassador of Saleem Fabrics, Oxygen, Gulab, Neet, and Soft as well as Palm City companies.
  • She is living a luxurious lifestyle from her extraordinary income from all her different field careers.
  • She is a professional makeup artist.
  • Her real name is Nausheen Syed
  • She is a pet lover.
  • She comes from a Muslim family.
  • Her Gender is Female.

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